Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My New Life

Man, it sure has been a while.  Lots of interesting and amazing things have happened since I last posted on my blog.  Let me just put it out there....Seth and I divorced and I have a new husband.  Before I go on and on about how wonderful my new hubby is let me explain that I am not about to start bashing Seth or even give any kind of reason because frankly thats none of anyone's business but ours.  Now, whew....thats out of the way.

My new husband is Krister Martinez.  He is from Peru and a very lovely man.  He absolutely adores Matthew and Jackson and spoils them all the time with lots of affection.

Matthew is now 5 1/2 and growing like a weed.  He still has trouble eating and finishing his plate so some things never change (see old blog posts about Matthew and our nursing fiasco).  He will be entering Kindergarden in August and I can't believe that he is already that old.  He has my temper but is also a very smart, caring young man with the social development of a teenager at times.  I was so proud that he had a perfect score on all of the pre-K assessments.  Just today he was walking around the house putting post it notes on everything asking me how to spell table, door, and just about every object in our house.  What 5 year old would think to label all the objects in our house??  He is also learning how to swim and doing amazing.  What a lucky mom I am to have such a sweet boy like Matthew.

Jackson is now 3 1/2 and is almost as big as Matthew.  Jackson has never had any trouble finishing eating anything.  I remember nursing Jackson, like hours and hours at a time thinking I was going to dehydrate and waste away.  But now he is eating us out of a house and home.  In August he will be entering a Montessori Pre-K 3 program which will fit in perfectly for him as he is a free thinker and learner.  Currently he is trying to be potty trained, we have our good days and bad days but we are making progress.  Loving is definitely the first word that comes to mind with describing Jackson.  He is constantly asking for hugs and when he gets in trouble he just wants to be reminded that he is loved.  It truly pains him to get in trouble so its hard to stay mad at him for long.  Just the other day we were scolding him for pooping in his he was crying he put his hand on his heart like it was breaking.  On the other hand, Jackson can be a rough player.  He loves rough and tumble play, usually making me gasp in horror that he has ended up with a bloody nose or huge bump on the head.  Most of the time he just smiles at me and says, "I'm O.K. momma".

Krister, my new husband, is a sweet sweet man.  As I said, he is from Peru but his name is Swedish as his father went to school in Sweden and ended up loving the names from that country so he chose Swedish names for his children.  Krister is basically translated as Christopher or Christian to English (I bet that was hard to guess huh??).  He has 3 boys (18, 15 and 13) and they all live here with us.  So, yes, I have 5 boys (6 counting Krister) to take care of and I love it.

Below are a few pictures of Krister and I.

Mommy and Jackson!!!

Mommy and Matthew!!!