Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally......On the charts!!!

This little very proud today because he has finally hit the charts!!! We went in for a 10 month weight check and the scale said (drum roll please....) 17 pounds 2.3 ounces...that is a pound and a half gain from Sept. 30!!!! We are now, barely, on the charts in the 3rd percentile. He also grew a 1/2 inch so now he measures in at a whopping 27 inches long. That is in the 4.5 percentile. Although he is still small we are moving in the right direction and for the first time since he was 4 months old we are on the charts in both height and weight!!!

Now...since Tia Kay is here we decided to do a little bit of sightseeing today. After we finished up at the Drs. office we went to a little fruit stand called 'Robert Is Here'. They serve incredible milk shakes (or flavored ice cream because they are so thick) mixed with fruit from their stand. They have wonderful shakes with Key Lime..or you can also get Key Lime with Strawberries and many other varieties and different fruits. They also have a little farm in the back. Matthew actually enjoyed the Key Lime pie (that is what I got) and some of Seth and Tia's shakes. We were about to leave when we smelled this marvelous smell coming from this machine. When we looked over we realized that this machine was a juicer that was squeezing oranges and making orange juice. (I know, I know what else would a machine squeezing oranges make??? whiskey??? lol) Anyway, we asked if we could purchase some in the store and the guy asked us what size we wanted and we said 1/2 gallon and he proceeded to take a jug and fill it right there in front of our eyes with this freshly squeezed orange juice. Just drinking a little glass makes you feel healthier.

We came home and took a nap after all of that excitement and then got ready to go to South Beach for dinner. Tia Kay Kay loves the Kardashian sisters so we went to find their DASH store in Miami. Although we found a beautiful teal dress we didn't buy anything. I do not watch the show but Tia is obsessed with anything "dashion" and she said that the lady working in the store actually is on the reality show. The store worker kept going on and on about how Matthew is going to be trouble when he gets older. Then he sat down in the chair and started bouncing up and down to the music in the store. At one point I looked over and saw him moving his little bottom up and down to the beat of the music and it looked like he was doing some J Lo move. It was so funny!!! Tia Kay Kay was so excited to take her picture in front of the store.

Then we ate at Gloria Estevan's restaurant on Ocean Dr. called Larios on the Beach. We had a blast. We had a great time!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why do I do this to myself???

I always wait until the night before..usually the last minute to clean when I have company coming. Usually I don't worry too much because I admittedly just push stuff in closets and under the bed (sorry mom). This time I am worried because my SIL is coming and she is VERY allergic to kitties and we have 3!!! Luckily, since we moved into our new house we have mostly tile flooring....but the unfortunate side to tile floor means we can SEE every cat hair tumbleweed floating by!!!

Nevertheless I think we are as ready as we will ever be.

Here is the guest room completed.

Tia Kay Kay we can't wait to see you!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Did I mention that being an elementary school teacher there is a song for EVERYTHING and those songs...THOSE songs will get stuck in your head for days and days on end. Especially if you are doing the same song with each grade level ALL WEEK LONG. Well since it is Halloween week we are singing Halloween songs and I have one stuck in my head so bad!!!

Here Ya Go....

Imagine a country fiddle and bass playing a little country jig to start....

Pick a pick a pumpkin from the pile
We can make his eyes and a great big smile
Pick a pick a pumpkin round and clean
Then we'll be ready for Halloween

Halloween, Halloween
Then we'll be ready for Halloween
Halloween, Halloween
Then we'll be ready for Halloween

It's really cute because I have this stuffed Jack-O-Lantern that I pass from kid to kid in time with the music.

Anyway, Seth uses that song to and it was appropriate for our afternoon. Matthew got to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out his very first Halloween pumpkin!!! The place we went was called "The Little Farm" and they offered free pony rides with the purchase of a pumpkin. Well...let me tell you...I don't know if Matthew really knew what was happening but I was as happy as a little kid in a candy store seeing Matthew get to sit in the pumpkins while I took about a ga..jillion pictures. He also got to ride the pony (with a little help from dad). He didn't cry a single time during his afternoon at "The Little Farm".

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

18-24 month PJs???

Hi everyone!!!

I don't understand how some baby sizes are huge and others are so small. These PJs are size 18-24 months and Matthew is already able to wear them at 10 months...keep in mind that he is so little he can still fit into 3 month pants (although I finally put them away tonight).

Does this make sense to anyone???

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whew that was a close one....

But you can't stop the tide~~~~~~~


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh brother!!!

So at first I LOVED GLEE!!! Now I think it is the most ridicules show on TV!!! It seems like every time they play a new song (for the first time) it is perfect. Oh much for that of right now anyway.

On another note, Matthew decided he wanted to learn the French Horn last night so here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Have a great night!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OK...I Lied!!!

I was finally sitting down to read my very own blog and then I realized that my last
post I said that I would post pictures the very next day. Well....I am not quite sure what happened...but here they are a little late. (OK Tia it is a little more than late but you got to see him in person this weekend so stop your gripein'

Matthew and Tia Kay Kay enjoying the Marsh Family Reunion

Sometimes all you need is your 'POP'

ROLL TIDE!! ehh...what do ya mean we are strugglin' through the game??? We are the best team in Alabama...(sorry mom, Scott and Tia)

AHH..things are lookin' a little better!!

Whew...we made a touchdown (although the TV in the background doesn't have the Alabama game on at this particular moment...hehe)

HA HA...Alabama won and Auburn didn't!!!

I still love my Tia Kay Kay though!!!

Nanny Nanny boo boo

I hope he likes Halloween better than this...oh no!!!


Hangin' out with Tia

My KISS impersonation with Tia Kay Kay...Although she is an Auburn fan she still ROCKS!!! Thanks for the baby legs!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I need to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! There...nope...still stressed. This week and next week are the most stressful weeks I am going to have in a long time. The Miami Dade County School District is finally proposing a raise for all employees and we have to vote tomorrow through Wednesday. Since I am the United Teachers of Dade steward at my school I am responsible for getting all the information out regarding this....except....I am not hugely in favor of the healthcare plans that are associated with the raise.

Oh well, enough of that!!!

This weekend Matthew and I went to Naples to visit my in-laws. Seth needed to stay back in Miami to work on his dissertation for Boston University. It was good that we got out of his hair for the weekend so he could get some much needed work done without us here bothering him. (I just hope he actually got some work done!!! He can get sidetracked sometimes)

I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. Matthew had a fever Friday at Ms. Cookie's house and even with Tylonal it didn't break completely until about 5:30 Saturday morning. I was getting scared because he actually woke up in the middle of the night crying and was blazing hot. Of course I didn't have a thermometer with me in Naples and had no way of knowing his actual temperature. My plan was to take him to some doctor if he still felt hot on Saturday morning. He has been fine ever since. Yesterday afternoon he got a small fever but the Tylonal worked then.

We had a great trip but we are glad to be back home. I just wish the schools were out tomorrow down here for Columbus day. Oh well!!! How many days til Christmas Vacay???

I promise you will have new pictures tomorrow Tia Kay Kay!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I'd Only Known What I Know Now

This afternoon I decided to go to Sonny’s (my favorite BBQ restaurant). On the way to eat I was remembering back last December how they gave these little red envelopes out that had a coupon inside. You couldn’t open it until you came back in January and then you got your discount. So many things have changed since we got those little red envelopes. Just tonight I couldn’t believe that those envelopes had long expired (actually we have already used them up). I remembered that the first one we used we got a free appetizer—corn nuggets. Seth was so excited because he loved corn nuggets and we rarely ordered appetizers at Sonny’s so we ordered our corn nuggets. This was one of the first times we took Matthew to Sonny’s and he started crying…..and crying…..eventually Seth had to take him out of the restaurant before the corn nuggets came. I had to pack up all of the food and we took it home and ate. Tonight at Sonny’s, Matthew was sitting up in his high chair eating his chicken and sweet potatoes with sweet peas and bananas for dessert. He did start crying but we were able to calm him down fairly quickly, not to mention keep our nerves at bay. Honestly I just ended up laughing because the face he was making was so cute. It is bitter sweet, because he is growing up SOOOOO fast. I look back at those hectic times where I couldn’t get him to stop crying and wish for them because now I know a whole lot of different ways to calm him down. Also, now I am not as shy about nursing in public. Back then I was so nervous I would offend someone and now I don’t give a hoot (or hooter…lol). I would have just nursed him right there in Sonny’s that night that he was crying so bad if I had only known what I know now.

Tonight Matthew finally decided that he liked his little car toy. The first few times we sat him on it he would start crying and shaking. I think he was scared of the little sounds and songs it makes. (It is rather loud) This afternoon I tried to sit him down on it again and he loved it. I rolled him all around the house with him just smiling from ear to ear. We drove from the living room to his bedroom and then he got off for a diaper change. This evening he actually started to move his feet to make the car move. At only nine months old, being so mobile does make me nervous about him falling off and hitting his head on the tile floor. He did great though. Enjoy the pictures and have a great night!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Matthew and a Beautiful Sunset

Fall in Miami, FL

I love pictures of sunsets with palm trees. cute!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sick Again

I am going to post a quick one tonight. Is it normal to be sick ALL OF THE TIME after you have had a baby???? I had to stay at home from work again today because I woke up this morning with a low grade fever, very sore throat and stuffy nose. Although I am feeling better right now, I felt so bad this morning that I had Seth take Matthew to Ms. Cookie's house. I am so glad he did that because I was able to sleep until 2 pm. That is something I haven't done in at least 9 months...HA!! In any event, I am going to try to go to our UTD conference in the morning so I better head to bed.

I will post more pictures tomorrow night. Matthew seems to be feeling much better, although he still has a terrible cough sometimes.

Good night!!!