Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OK...I Lied!!!

I was finally sitting down to read my very own blog and then I realized that my last
post I said that I would post pictures the very next day. Well....I am not quite sure what happened...but here they are a little late. (OK Tia it is a little more than late but you got to see him in person this weekend so stop your gripein'...lol)

Matthew and Tia Kay Kay enjoying the Marsh Family Reunion

Sometimes all you need is your 'POP'

ROLL TIDE!! ehh...what do ya mean we are strugglin' through the game??? We are the best team in Alabama...(sorry mom, Scott and Tia)

AHH..things are lookin' a little better!!

Whew...we made a touchdown (although the TV in the background doesn't have the Alabama game on at this particular moment...hehe)

HA HA...Alabama won and Auburn didn't!!!

I still love my Tia Kay Kay though!!!

Nanny Nanny boo boo

I hope he likes Halloween better than this...oh no!!!


Hangin' out with Tia

My KISS impersonation with Tia Kay Kay...Although she is an Auburn fan she still ROCKS!!! Thanks for the baby legs!!!

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