Friday, May 27, 2011

Jackson 5.0

Hi all...I can't believe that Jackson is already 5 months old but what is more mind boggling to me is that on Sunday Matthew will be 29 months old. My oh my how time truly flies!!!

Jackson now weighes 16 lbs and 9 oz....yes, my second child is a eater...if you remember my frustrations with trying to get Matthew to eat when he was 5 months old. Matthew only weighed about 12 lbs at 5 months so I would say we are on the right track with Jackson.

I am still exclusively breast feeding Jackson...he has not had any solids yet. Jackson is fitting into 9 month clothes but most of his close are still 6 month sizes.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!!

Brotherly Love!!!

Matthew at 5 months and Jackson at 5 months!!! They look like twins don't they???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alabama Adventures!!!

Home made Ice Cream....YUMMMMMMOOOOO!!!


Bath Time.......splish splash

The Bumpy Tractor....bump bump bump...budan buuudan

Bubbles!!! YEA!!!!!

Sitting with friends.....ahhhhh!!!

Helping Pop make Jackson laugh....priceless!!!!

New cousins....whoa don't drop me!!!!

Tickle Time....ha ha ha hehehehe ha ha ha!!!

Boys will be Boys!!!

Family time....nothin' like it!!!

Spending time in Alabama is lots of fun!!! Can't wait til we go back in the summer =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I blinked and missed it

So...I blinked sometime between today and April 22nd and totally missed Jackson's 4th month. I kept saying to myself that I would post his 4 month stats tomorrow night...pushing it off day by day until...boom...Jackson is 5 months old!!!

So lets first..tonight..focus on Jackson's stats at 4 months and then HOPEFULLY I will get around to posting about 5 months sometime before he turns 18 years old!

Jackson weighed 15 lbs 10 oz and was 24 1/2 inches long. I am sure he is much heavier and longer now but I was SOOOOO happy to see that he is gaining weight splendidly!!! He is still nursing anywhere from 6-10 times per day but he is taking a little longer in between each feeding. He still was having trouble turning from his front to his back and he HATES being on his stomach. In fact he hates it so much that he has developed a flat spot on the back of his head. He always likes to lay on his back. The doctor wants me to be doing some neck stretching exercises to help his muscles pull the plates back in the right spot. He absolutely hates those exercises and I feel like I am torturing him when we do them.

This month Jackson started noticing EVERYTHING his big brother is doing. Matthew really does pay attention to Jackson too though. In fact, Matthew will wipe spit up, sit Jackson back in his swing upright (if he falls to the side) and tickle and entertain him. We got the Bumbo seat out for Jackson to start using (I figured it couldn't hurt his flat head) and he was sliding to the side and Matthew came running in the kitchen screaming (very upset I might add) "Jackson's hurt!!! Jackson's hurt!!!" I love seeing how much they are starting to care about each other.

Happy 4 month birthday little Jackson!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Unkie Cot's Bumpy Tractor (a.k.a Uncle Scott)

So we went to Alabama...and Matthew had a blast livin' it up with country life. We have this little book called "The Bumpy Tractor" and the guy driving the tractor in the book looks like my brother, Scott. So we read the book and when we got to Alabama introduced Matthew to the bumpy tractor. At first Matthew was afraid of the tractor because it made a loud noise...but we turned the tractor off and then he warmed up to it and actually sat on it by himself.

In the next few days, he actually did take a ride on the tractor but I didn't have my camera ready to take some pictures. Now all we hear about is the bumby trakter (imagine that said we a cute little 2 year old voice)

More on our trip tomorrow....

I gotta make a post, I know, I know

O.K.....I got my new iPad and I am completely obsessed!!!!! I have tons of updates and starting tomorrow I promise that I will get busy updating on Jackson @ 4 months, trip to Alabama, Unkie Cot's bumpy tractor and fun @ nana's and pop's!!!!!

Stay tuned ;)

Love to all from my iPad!!!!!!