Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday (oh eeee oh)

I am so glad that today is over. For one thing...Matthew is still cutting his tooth and is sleeping rather restless. Since he is sleeping restless I am anxious that he is going to wake up crying in the middle of the night. On top of the teething...he has developed a cold and is pulling at his ear. He also has some ant and mosquito bites on his feet which seem to be bothering him a lot. The other day when we went outside for his 8 month pictures I think some ants must have bit him because his foot is red and puffy with bites. Please pray for my little Matthew.

On a happier note, this morning Matthew didn't cry when I dropped him off with Ms. Cookie. He seemed so happy to be there and that is so reassuring to know that he loves going to 'school' there. I call it school because he is learning so much. Just in the past few weeks he seems to have developed more awareness. This afternoon when I picked him up he actually reached down to give Ramona (one of his sitters at Ms. Cookie's) a big hug.

I will leave you with a picture of Matthew teething. I hope this phase goes by quickly!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Has it already been 8 Months???

I can't believe it...Matthew was 8 months old yesterday. Matthew continues to sleep through the night but now we have to get up early for me to go to work. I feel so bad waking him up at 6 am because he is so used to sleeping late. This weekend he actually woke up earlier so I guess the days of sleeping in until 9:30 are over with him!!! I miss staying home with him so bad!!!
This month Matthew started to sit up all by himself and he loves to play his drum while he sits on his pallet. He also is standing with either our help or by holding on to something. I can't believe how old he looks now. Yesterday he started cutting his first tooth. It is tiny right now but finally it has broke through the skin. He is very cranky, which is understandable because it looks like it really hurts.

Tonight we chose to change the play yard from the bassinet setting to the regular setting and I just started crying because I know he is getting too big for the infant bassinet!!!

The other day we went for the weigh in and he has finally hit the 14 lb mark. He weighs 14 pounds 1 ounce and he is 26 1/4 inches long. Although he is still below the 3rd percentile for weight his height is in the 5th-10th percentile!!! Hopefully with Ms. Cookie's Cuban cooking he will continue to pack on the ounces and next month we are aiming for 15 and a half pounds.

Please enjoy the pictures of his 8 month birthday!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We sing, We dance, we play the drum!!!

Why is Matthew so happy playing his drum tonight?

Paparazzi stay away!!!

Maybe it is because there are only 2 days til the weekend?!?!


Or possibly

...he loves eating Ms. Cookie's wonderful Cuban cuisine???!!!???

HA!! That's true but I think Matthew is happy about something else too....

Go Matthew Go!!!

Maybe he is happy because....(drum roll please)



Monday, August 24, 2009

179 days to go

OK...One day down only 179 to go!!!!!! AHHHHH I can't believe we have that many more to go but I guess we will have to take it one day at a time. Honestly, today wasn't so bad...everyone seems A LOT less stressed than usual at this time of year. When I was teaching my classes today it even seemed like the middle of the school year. I guess since this is my 4th year starting a school year things are starting to seem much more like second nature.

My schedule is great (except for Friday's when I have to travel to another school to teach).

Now for what you really read my blog of my little Matthew Wayne!!!

I took these the other day when we got his little Leap Frog Learn and Groove music table out. He LOVES this toy and can sit and play with it for hours.

Oh how fun!!!!

Look hands!!

He is really loving Ms. Cookie's place. Every afternoon when I go in to get him, he is so into some toy that he really doesn't even notice I am there. Today he ate some of her Cuban soup. Tonight he had a huge dirty diaper that kinda got everywhere (including all over my hands...yuck). I think he might have to get used to eating her cuisine but I would love for him to because I know that it will help him put on weight. Remember how Dr. Goosby said that we should put butter on everything we give him to eat...well, I think that is what Ms. Cookie does. I just can't get motivated enough to try and make his baby food. I admire those who do but Beechnut and Gerber are all I need. Who has the time to do all of that and work a full time job too.

Well I am going to go for the night. Have a good night and great day tomorrow.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Here we si do!!!

I am sorry I am not posting very often these last few days...My camera's battery needs to be charged and I keep forgetting to charge it and I hate posting without pictures so I have been out of service here the last week or so. Not to mention I have been busy with 'back to school' stuff. I think Matthew likes going to his sitter's house all day. At least I hope so!!! I think he loved being at home with me this weekend though so we will see how tomorrow goes. I am not looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is the first day of school which I have mixed feelings about.

I will let you all know how it goes!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 3 with Ms. Cookie

Well...I will say that leaving Matthew with his sitter has actually went A LOT smoother than I thought. I put on a good front at school but inside it is tearing me apart that I have to leave him with someone during the day!!! When I get home it seems like the hours pass by like minutes before I have to put him to bed. I miss our life together before so bad!!!!!!! I want to feed him lunch...I want to breastfeed him anytime he wants throughout the day. Oh well, I have opened a new chapter of motherhood and if I want to keep our house I must work!!

On the other hand, Matthew is having a blast with his new friends. This morning Matthew and I got there at the same time that another baby was getting there and they exchanged smiles and touched each other's hand. It was like they were best friends. (that was the first time I almost cried today). After I fed him I took him over to Ms. Cookie and he started crying and reaching for me...(that was the second time I almost cried). When I went to pick him up he was sitting in an exersaucer pounding his hands on these lights and having a blast. He looked up and saw me and acted like he wanted to show me all about his new toy. He was very excited...(that was the third time I almost cried).

To be honest, when I am at school I do not have very much time to worry about him often and even if I did have the time I wouldn't worry because I know he is safe with Ms. Cookie!!!

Only one more day until the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Shower Ideas

This week on "Show Us Your Life" she is hosting the topic of Baby Shower Ideas. Unfortunately I do not have any digital pictures of my baby shower that are easy to get to so I will just tell you about them.

My SIL Casey and cousin Jana and Aunt Rachel put together a beautiful jungle theme shower for me back last October. We had the shower at my mom and dad's church and it was so nice. Since I live in Miami, FL I had to travel to Alabama for the shower. Many people just gave me clothing and small items that I could fit in a suitcase to take back with me.

One thing that was very special was something that my Aunt Pat made. She made a diaper wreath and it was so cute. She wrapped a Styrofoam wreath with diapers and then put rubber bands around the outside to keep them on tight. Then she put pacifiers, lotions, soaps, and a brush in the rubber bands along with blue ribbons and bows. I used that wreath as a decoration at the hospital. You were supposed to hang it on the door but I was afraid someone would take it so I just hung it in the room with me so I could look at it all I wanted to.

The wonderful teachers at my husbands school actually surprised him with a baby shower. They told me that they were planning a shower for him and it was a surprise. That was the hardest secret I have ever had to keep. I came up with some lame excuse to take him to school that day and then left...drove around the block and came back and snuck in the school only to surprise him even more that I was there. It is always good to remember the husband when your planning a baby shower.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


OK...It was bad enough that I had to take my precious little boy to his sitter for the first time today...much less I had to teach a 4 hour music class at Barry University. Wow...when I go back to work...I go back to work!!!

I prefer to call Ms. Cookie (Matthew's daycare provider) a sitter instead of Daycare because sitter implies that you will be back in a few hours and daycare feels like its all day. At least my hours as a teacher is more relaxed than a 9-5 job. According to Ms. Cookie, Matthew behaved himself VERY WELL!!! She said that he acted like he had been there many times before and didn't cry at all. I almost wonder if she had him mixed up with another kid!! HA! I am one proud mama!!!

On a sadder note, I found out today that I am not going to be able to be at my school full time and I have to go to another school one day a week now. That really stinks because at the other school I will have to travel from class to class. Oh well, at least I have heard VERY GOOD things about the principal at the other school. She actually used to be the UTD Steward (what I am ) at the school I am currently at. That is such a relief that at least I am not going to some weirdo principal that grows horns and howls at a full moon. (I think I just mixed up to cliches) Oh well. I better get ready for bed now. Got another big day tomorrow. I have a UTD breakfast in the morning and more work to do tomorrow afternoon in my classroom.

I will post pictures of my classroom as soon as it is finished!!!


P.S. I just felt like I needed to sign it Love, Katie tonight...who knows why!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ancient Fossils and Petrified Trees

34 million years ago there was a huge redwood forest hanging out where Florissant, Colorado currently exists. All of a sudden, as the trees were minding their own business, a huge volcano erupted and at a very quick speed spread lava, melted snow and mud down into the valley. Needless to say, the trees were petrified. (har har har har) Seriously though, this place was surreal. We stopped by this petrified forest after our trip up Pike's Peak. The drive was supposed to take about 30 minutes but ended up taking over an hour because of some stupid road construction that stopped us for 45 minutes or so. When we finally got to Florissant National Park they were going to close in about an hour and Matthew was screaming hungry. I fed Matthew and we started out on the trail looking at the ancient trees. It was very strange being around something so old..if old is even how you describe it.

At least we had some scenery as we were stuck in traffic.

After we left the National Park we took a detour to get away from that awful traffic and on this little back road we saw this group of elk or mule deer. I can't decide which one so if anyone knows please let me know. Anyway, I was so glad for the short cut now because this was awesome picture opportunity.

Also on this road we saw a coyote. He was running off in the distance so I didn't get a close up..maybe you can find him among the grassy area.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yodel Lay eee Oh

Whew!!! I feel like I am reliving this vacation as I am typing about it. At our second adventure of the last day of our Colorado trip I felt like Yodeling. Pike's Peak has an altitude of over 14,000 feet and with available oxygen in the 50% range. At the entrance there is even a sign that says no babies less than 4 months of age. Man that is some serious altitude change!!! We stopped at a cute little snack bar about half way up to eat lunch. It was such an exciting time...the road was very close to the edge of long drop offs at several points near the top. The views were breathtaking!!! Literally!!!

Here we the top. Even though we were higher than at Rocky Mountain National Park it wasn't as cold when we reached the summit. We still didn't keep Matthew out of his stroller and from under his blanket for very long though.

Love this picture!!

There was a cog railroad that goes to the top. This is the end of the line, man I hope they stop it on time or its a long way down. (We learned about the cog railroad at the Railraod see the middle row of rails..well they have these little grooves that the train pulls up on to get the train up steep terrain.)

Matthew isn't phased by any of this as you can tell.

This spot is where Katherine Lee Bates actually got the inspiration for the poem to "American the Beautiful" I can completely understand why...simply amazing!!

View from the bottom.

At the top...they had these wonderful donuts and this cute little place to take some pictures. Matthew really liked the donuts too!!!

One of the higher switchbacks on the road that has a view that is straight down. What an unbelievable trip!!! Stay tuned for our last adventure that I will post about tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden of the Gods

The Gardens of the Gods was the first stop on our last day in Colorado. This beautiful park is located near Colorado Springs and has a very neat history. In the early 1900s, the park was turned into a place for people to visit and a trading post was built for Native Americans to be able to sell items that they made. It was amazing to visit this place because of the stark contrast to the rocks found in and around the Rocky Mountains. The red color reminded me of rocks I have seen in pictures of Arizona and other mountainous regions southwest of Colorado. We enjoyed the time we spent was so nice and pleasant.

This is the first rock face you see as you enter the first parking lot. It was very impressive and much like a skyscraper!!!

Matthew is wondering if we are ever going back home to Florida or if we are going to travel all of Colorado for the rest of his life!!! HA...this was the beginning of a very long day for him as we still had 2 other adventures to go on.

The Kissing Camels

The Cathedral Rocks

Yes, if I had let go Matthew would have continued to climb!!!

I had a book one time that had a picture of a rock that looked like the profile of a man's face. I thought this looked like that picture.

The view of Pike's Peak (I think)...see the difference in the colors of the rocks.

Balanced Rock...very neat!!!