Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden of the Gods

The Gardens of the Gods was the first stop on our last day in Colorado. This beautiful park is located near Colorado Springs and has a very neat history. In the early 1900s, the park was turned into a place for people to visit and a trading post was built for Native Americans to be able to sell items that they made. It was amazing to visit this place because of the stark contrast to the rocks found in and around the Rocky Mountains. The red color reminded me of rocks I have seen in pictures of Arizona and other mountainous regions southwest of Colorado. We enjoyed the time we spent was so nice and pleasant.

This is the first rock face you see as you enter the first parking lot. It was very impressive and much like a skyscraper!!!

Matthew is wondering if we are ever going back home to Florida or if we are going to travel all of Colorado for the rest of his life!!! HA...this was the beginning of a very long day for him as we still had 2 other adventures to go on.

The Kissing Camels

The Cathedral Rocks

Yes, if I had let go Matthew would have continued to climb!!!

I had a book one time that had a picture of a rock that looked like the profile of a man's face. I thought this looked like that picture.

The view of Pike's Peak (I think)...see the difference in the colors of the rocks.

Balanced Rock...very neat!!!

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