Monday, August 24, 2009

179 days to go

OK...One day down only 179 to go!!!!!! AHHHHH I can't believe we have that many more to go but I guess we will have to take it one day at a time. Honestly, today wasn't so bad...everyone seems A LOT less stressed than usual at this time of year. When I was teaching my classes today it even seemed like the middle of the school year. I guess since this is my 4th year starting a school year things are starting to seem much more like second nature.

My schedule is great (except for Friday's when I have to travel to another school to teach).

Now for what you really read my blog of my little Matthew Wayne!!!

I took these the other day when we got his little Leap Frog Learn and Groove music table out. He LOVES this toy and can sit and play with it for hours.

Oh how fun!!!!

Look hands!!

He is really loving Ms. Cookie's place. Every afternoon when I go in to get him, he is so into some toy that he really doesn't even notice I am there. Today he ate some of her Cuban soup. Tonight he had a huge dirty diaper that kinda got everywhere (including all over my hands...yuck). I think he might have to get used to eating her cuisine but I would love for him to because I know that it will help him put on weight. Remember how Dr. Goosby said that we should put butter on everything we give him to eat...well, I think that is what Ms. Cookie does. I just can't get motivated enough to try and make his baby food. I admire those who do but Beechnut and Gerber are all I need. Who has the time to do all of that and work a full time job too.

Well I am going to go for the night. Have a good night and great day tomorrow.

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  1. I said the same thing after my first day of school. I enjoyed my summer way to much and now I am counting down the days until next summer!