Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yodel Lay eee Oh

Whew!!! I feel like I am reliving this vacation as I am typing about it. At our second adventure of the last day of our Colorado trip I felt like Yodeling. Pike's Peak has an altitude of over 14,000 feet and with available oxygen in the 50% range. At the entrance there is even a sign that says no babies less than 4 months of age. Man that is some serious altitude change!!! We stopped at a cute little snack bar about half way up to eat lunch. It was such an exciting time...the road was very close to the edge of long drop offs at several points near the top. The views were breathtaking!!! Literally!!!

Here we the top. Even though we were higher than at Rocky Mountain National Park it wasn't as cold when we reached the summit. We still didn't keep Matthew out of his stroller and from under his blanket for very long though.

Love this picture!!

There was a cog railroad that goes to the top. This is the end of the line, man I hope they stop it on time or its a long way down. (We learned about the cog railroad at the Railraod see the middle row of rails..well they have these little grooves that the train pulls up on to get the train up steep terrain.)

Matthew isn't phased by any of this as you can tell.

This spot is where Katherine Lee Bates actually got the inspiration for the poem to "American the Beautiful" I can completely understand why...simply amazing!!

View from the bottom.

At the top...they had these wonderful donuts and this cute little place to take some pictures. Matthew really liked the donuts too!!!

One of the higher switchbacks on the road that has a view that is straight down. What an unbelievable trip!!! Stay tuned for our last adventure that I will post about tomorrow!!!


  1. Lemme just tell ya...(about the dreams) if I was prego I'd be super suprised!!! Although my friend how is still nursing, has no cycle and a 1 year old, just found out she's you never know!

  2. Hey Katie, thanks for the comments! I dealt with insurance and got it taken care of! My next step was siccing the husband on them! Your little boy is ADORABLE and we have the same car seat-I glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks for reading-it's good to make new "friends." :D

  3. You are doing an awsome job of covering our trip! I feel like I'm back on Colorado again.