Tuesday, August 18, 2009


OK...It was bad enough that I had to take my precious little boy to his sitter for the first time today...much less I had to teach a 4 hour music class at Barry University. Wow...when I go back to work...I go back to work!!!

I prefer to call Ms. Cookie (Matthew's daycare provider) a sitter instead of Daycare because sitter implies that you will be back in a few hours and daycare feels like its all day. At least my hours as a teacher is more relaxed than a 9-5 job. According to Ms. Cookie, Matthew behaved himself VERY WELL!!! She said that he acted like he had been there many times before and didn't cry at all. I almost wonder if she had him mixed up with another kid!! HA! I am one proud mama!!!

On a sadder note, I found out today that I am not going to be able to be at my school full time and I have to go to another school one day a week now. That really stinks because at the other school I will have to travel from class to class. Oh well, at least I have heard VERY GOOD things about the principal at the other school. She actually used to be the UTD Steward (what I am ) at the school I am currently at. That is such a relief that at least I am not going to some weirdo principal that grows horns and howls at a full moon. (I think I just mixed up to cliches) Oh well. I better get ready for bed now. Got another big day tomorrow. I have a UTD breakfast in the morning and more work to do tomorrow afternoon in my classroom.

I will post pictures of my classroom as soon as it is finished!!!


P.S. I just felt like I needed to sign it Love, Katie tonight...who knows why!!!

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