Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beaver Meadows

The second part of our Colorado trip was in Red Feather Lakes. This town is very small but is so beautiful. We stayed at a Dude Ranch named Beaver Meadows at 8,500 feet above sea level. Joanna, Seth's step sister chose this beautiful place to get married and we loved being able to attend. While we were there Matthew got to meet his cousin Sophie and Aunt Hayden, Uncle Duncan, Aunt Joanna and Uncle Duncan (yes Joanna and Hayden are both married to Duncan's now). The bad part about the whole trip was that I forgot to pack pajamas for Seth and me. In Red Feather Lakes there was NO WALMART!!! or any type of store to purchase even sweatpants. I ended up going to a thrift store that had some for Seth to wear. I just slept in my regular clothes. I did end up getting a t-shirt so I used that and pants. It was kinda uncomfortable but we made it work. Below are some pictures of our stay in Red Feather Lakes.

Matthew and Sophie hugging. Actually these pictures loaded in reverse order. This is actually Sophie hugging Matthew good-bye. She was so sweet to him.

Aaron in the kick line with Joanna and the gang.

Matthew was sooooo tired in this picture but we are dancing with the wonderful bluegrass music. He actually had a lot of fun...I think?!?!

The bride and groom: Joanna and Duncan 2

Joanna and Duncan 1 (Hayden's husband Duncan (I know its confusing))

The beautiful scenery surrounding the ceremony!!!

Matthew and Sophie in their wedding finery!!!

The Patterson family

Me, Matthew and Uncle Aaron

Matthew and me (I love this picture!!!!!)

The river behind the ceremony!!! It was so beautiful listening to the river as the ceremony was taking place. Duncan's family are Quakers so there was a portion of the ceremony where we had 30 minutes for people to stand and share experiences and wisdom to the couple. With the scenery and the sound of the river 30 minutes passed quickly.

Matthew behaved himself very well throughout the ceremony.

Seth and Aaron climbed to the top of this mountain. If you look very hard you might be able to see them.

Seth, Matthew and Uncle Aaron go for a paddle boat ride.

Cousin Sophie, Aunt Hayden, Matthew and Seth

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  1. What a great place for a wedding! You have a beautiful family...Matthew is precious.