Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I will post quickly to let everyone know about Matthew's 6 month appointment today!!!

Weight--13 pounds 5 ounces (that is a 9 ounce gain in 13 days)
Height--26 inches
Milestones--turning over...babbling something that sounds like mamamaamama (or maybe its the manamanah song (from the Muppets)). We can't decide.

The doctor wants us to start Matthew on table food (not baby food). He said that whatever we are eating he should be eating. We should stay away from steak though.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I can post some pictures of our house but it might be a few before we have our Internet up and running.

Have a great night!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Matthew 6.0

Today is Matthew's 6 month birthday. I can't believe that it has already been 6 months since that December morning that we got up and went to the hospital to get ready for the c-section and to have our little Matthew. That day completely changed our lives forever but I wouldn't have it any other way.

This morning we got up early to wait for the builder to call us so we can close on our house today!!! It is now 12:30 and he still hasn't called and I am getting impatient. We have 40 boxes packed and stacked all over our condo so as you can imagine I am ready to have this over with!!!

Tomorrow is the big weigh in for Matthew. We changed the appointment to tomorrow since we were closing on the house today. Keep your fingers crossed and say many prayers that he weighs 14 pounds!!! I feel confident that he is gaining some days and not so much on other days. So far today has been a good day for us.

Here are some pictures of Matthew at 6 months. What a cute little guy!!!

Howdy Partner!!! We got him a horsey jumperoo for his 6 month birthday and he LOVES it as you can see from the pictures below.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My little Matthew

Today was great!!! Matthew had a few of his little moments but for the most part he was great!!! I am going to cut this post short and just share some pictures of Matthew sitting up and standing with his daddy's help. He is growing stronger and stronger every day. He looks so grown up now. I think I am going to take a few days off from blogging until we get settled in our new house. The best time for me to post is after Matthew goes to bed and that puts me up later than I should be on most nights.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below!!!

Now for some pictures of our finished house!!! Yes, it is complete and here are some pictures of the outside.

P.S. I was so sad to hear about the death of Michael Jackson. His music from Jackson 5 was my favorite but I also loved his solo stuff from the 80s. I know that he lived a pretty crazy life the past few years but his music will go down in history as some of the most innovative of our time!!! RIP Michael, Farrah and Ed McMahon. They say that when one celebrity dies two more will follow. We lost three very influential people with this group!!!

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Today Kelly at www.kellyskornerblog.com is hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday Master bedrooms. Although I am new to this and we haven't moved into our new house yet I thought I would post about my Master bedroom now and the future (keep in mind that the future is not decorated yet).

These curtains are from my grandmother's house and I will always cherish them. The red and orange wall was an experiment that went kinda wrong (however it kinda grew on us).

This is a Queen size bed. My end table (on the right) was my grandmother's old TV stand. It is really old and scuffed up but I love it all the same. As you can see we have a VERY small bedroom. I loved this painting that I found at Wal-Mart and thought it brought the bright colors of the room together. Also, I thought that putting a lot of white colors tamed the walls. When I first started painting the red...it looked like I was painting blood on the wall. Scary!!!

The chest of drawers matches the bed. We got the bed at Big Lots furniture a few years ago when we were living in Ohio. Luckily the Big Lots down here in Miami carried the same set and we were able to get the matching chest. Pretty nice huh??

This is a view of our Master bathroom (nothing to exciting) we used the left over orange to paint in there. It was kinda bright but we like it now. Although we are moving out next week.

Here is the only picture I have of our new Master bedroom. I will post more next week when we move in.

Enjoy the pictures and tour of my bedroom!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Midst of a Storm

Does anyone else ever feel like the sermon is directed towards you personally? Yesterday that feeling happened to me. Rev. Laurie spoke about how Jesus calmed the sea for his disciples by saying "Peace Be Still". This phrase is translated from Greek which means "Muzzle it" and I really needed to hear that yesterday morning. I find that my frustrations with Matthew conjures up a storm in which I need to hear that phrase "Peace Be Still" or "Muzzle it" Katie!!! She also reminded me of something that I had completely forgotten about...God is in control. There are times that I feel so lonely but I have been forgetting to give my concerns to God. I have been trying to let go of my worries today and trust in God a little more. To know that he has a plan for Matthew and if he doesn't want him to weigh 18 pounds right now it is for a reason and I should "Muzzle It"!!!

This afternoon Matthew was in a GREAT mood so we put him on our bed and he rolled on his tummy and started posing for the camera so I took a few pictures. After seeing these pictures I feel ridicules for paying for the pictures we had took at JC Penny the other day. The only problem is...I am never in the picture if I am always taking them. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Baby Daddy Day!!

This picture is from when Matthew was only 3 months old but I thought that it worked well as the main picture. I just love how Matthew is looking up at his daddy. What a beautiful moment they shared before bathtime.

Today was great. We went to church and put Matthew in the nursery for the first time. The lady was very nice and I felt comfortable leaving him with her. Honestly, it was weird walking into church only carrying my purse. It is good for Matthew to get used to other people taking care of him for a little while because in the fall he will have to stay with Ms. Cooky all day long. In any event, our service starts at 11 o'clock and goes until 12:15 or so. At 12 I left to go check on him (I thought he might be getting hungry) and as soon as I opened the door of the church to walk across the street to the nursery I heard WAHHHHH WAH WAH WAHHHHHH and thought O my. They assured me that he had been asleep until about 5 minutes before I got there...I hope they were not just saying that to make me feel better. He quickly calmed down and I went into another room to feed him. He ate OK but luckily I brought a bottle and he chugged that down pretty fast.

After church we went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was very good. Below is a picture of Seth and Matthew while we were eating. Again Matthew is looking up at his daddy that same way. Unfortunatly, I forgot the camera (duh!!!) and wasn't able to take any good pictures..I took this one with my crappy phone camera, but at least I have a picture to remember the day by.

After lunch we drove by to look at our house (yes again)...and it looked completed. They had re-painted the outside and it looked great. I can't wait to move in and take pictures of all the rooms decorated.

Matthew update...
I haven't mentioned this in a while but Matthew still has not cut his first tooth. Today he was drooling everywhere and shoving his fists in his mouth again so hopefully it will be soon. He actually stopped with the symptoms for a few weeks and just started back the last couple of days.

He is eating much better (although not back to 100%). Tonight he had about an hour long fit where he wouldn't eat, play, sleep or need a diaper change. Honestly after about 15 minutes of him crying non-stop it just got funny. (I didn't know how to react anymore so I laughed...does that make me a bad parent) Finally about an hour after I first started trying to feed him he ate for about 10 minutes and started crying again. So...I tried to give him a bottle of formula (I didn't want to thaw out a bottle of breastmilk if he was just going to refuse the bottle too). He tasted the formula and started spitting it out. Secretly I thought.....good boy Matthew--you know what your milk is supposed to taste like...spit it out. But in reality I am still worried about his weight gain and the fact that he missed a complete feeding is not a good thing. On the other hand he did eat very well at the last feeding and a few others throughout the day. Please keep praying that he will be OK and gain lots and lots of weight by his next appointment on the 29th.

I better go for tonight. Thanks for all of your prayers because they seem to be working.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Piano Music

I think I have found yet another trick to help Matthew stay latched on and eating. Piano music!!! We have moved to the bedroom for our feedings now and listen to the classical radio station. When they play some kind of piano music Matthew calms down and listens and eats for his normal 30-40 minutes. Today he only had a couple of uncomfortable minutes in one or two feedings and, for the most part, seemed to enjoy eating again. Tonight he had some gassy fussiness but other than that he did great.

An update on our house...The other day we did not get to do the official walk-through. The foreman had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and no one called us to tell us that the house would be delayed a couple of days. Now our offical walk-through is this coming Tuesday. Since Opa and Mimi were here from Naples we were able to walk through the house and see what it looked like and it was beautiful!!! I can't even imagine how we are ever going to fill that house up with furniture. So now we are waiting a few more days and hopefully will get to move in by July 1. Matthew seemed to be mesmerized by the place...it was very cute.

Below is a video of Matthew taking a bath...Enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just started the "Show Us Where You Live Friday" today and don't really have a house to show yet. We are in the process of buying a new home and got to do the walk through today. I hope you all don't mind if I post the pictures even though I don't have one of the laundry or bonus room. These pictures are of a house that is obviously not moved in yet.

Thanks and I hope to continue with the Friday blog ideas throughout September.

In Perspective

Sorry Aunt Casey...no picture today.

Speaking of Aunt Casey...I would like to thank her for helping me to put all of my worries and concerns into perspective tonight. Here I am acting like a crazy person when Matthew decides he isn't hungry or is fighting at me trying to not eat when moms everywhere have similar or comparable problems with their babies. I forget to take into account that Matthew is sooooo happy and playing and laughing most of the time and if he is a little small for his age then WHO CARES!!! Then the mom in me takes back over and worries all over again. Remember lactation consultant #5 (last week) who told me that Matthew was ready to 'move on' from breastfeeding...I think she was wrong even more today. Matthew is still showing the classic signs of reflux and if I had went to formula last week that might have made it worse. Now Matthew is back spitting up more so I am at a loss of what to do. I emailed his doctor tonight so we will see what he says when he emails me back. Honestly, even though I truly do not want this...We might have to go ahead with the upper GI procedure just to make sure that Matthew's upper GI is working properly. I hate to make him go through something like that but I also want to help him feel better while he is eating.

Another way that I have put all of these 'struggles' into perspective is reading Noah's Road and Kayleigh's Story (on my blog list). Matthew could be suffering through being shook like Noah or no longer with us like Kayleigh. We actually have it pretty good compared to their struggles. After reading about little Noah tonight I actually feel kinda selfish for being so upset about Matthew and his eating problems. It could be much worse. On the other hand, there are several people that I am thinking of tonight that are having 'minor' struggles (that seem very major) and finding out that when your baby is sick no matter how severe it is still the biggest worry in the world at that moment.

~~completely changing the subject~~

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! We get to see our house for the first time. Opa and Mimi (Seth's Dad and Step-Mom) are coming over to do the walk through with us. Afterwards we are going to get Father's Day pictures made at JC Penny's. Matthew is turning 6 months old on the 29th of this month so we will get some of him alone as well for that milestone. Let's hope that he gives the camera a huge smile!!!

Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Its A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

OK!!! Only one more day until we get to tour our house!!!!!! We drove by (yes, again) today and they had the driveway complete. It looks like all they have left is landscaping. I saw the palm trees ready to be planted in the yard next door to ours. YEA!!!! I am so excited.

Matthew had an OK today with his eating. He seemed really gassy all day (I am sure that one day he will look back on this and read it embarrassed). He had a great night tonight though and we had fun playing on the floor. He was very hyper kicking around with all of his baby talk. I hope he always is that happy.

Thank God for our family!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Counting down

We are counting down the days until we close on our new house. I can't wait!!! The first thing I am going to do is paint Matthew's room. His room needs to look like a baby's room if that is the only one that we paint in the whole house. I just wish we knew someone in Miami that would be able to help us out with moving and everything.

I am convinced that Matthew needs no distractions throughout his day to have a good day eating. For example, if we go somewhere in the morning he usually has a bad day. If we go out to eat at night and are at home for the whole day he handles that very well. Even though he still resists sometimes for the most part things have gotten a whole lot better. He doesn't fuss as long and will latch back on. Tonight he had reflux problems so I fed him about 15 minutes on the breast and then some oatmeal. He liked the oatmeal a lot and fell asleep for about 2 hours before his bedtime meal.

When we have our next baby I will be ready for all of these obstacles.

Looking back at Matthew's first few evenings in this world I will leave you with one of his very first pictures. What a sweet little angel he was those few nights in the hospital!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Church Day!!

We all went to church today. Next week we are going to take Matthew to the nursery to see how it goes. We also found out about this program they have the first Friday of every month called Parent's Night Out. The babysitting service is only $10 per child. We are very interested in doing this because we need a night out every now and then.

After church we went to Chevy's one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Matthew behaved somewhat well...I think he was getting tired because he normally takes a nap after his morning feeding. I was able to nurse him during the service. He is doing much better with his feeding. Today he wanted to nurse like every two hours when we got home from church and lunch.

We have a very exciting week ahead.

Monday---I teach piano lessons and Seth has to start studying for his Doctoral qualifying exams that are in mid-August. He also has rehearsals for the opera he is playing in two weeks on Monday and Wednesday evening.

Tuesday---Nothing is scheduled so we can just sit around and relax all day.

Wednesday---We should probably start packing and clean up a little

Thursday---We see the house for the first time!!! I can't wait. Also, Seth's father and step-mom are coming over for the day to visit.

Friday--More prep for our move. I really don't see how I am going to get this all done in time!!!

I hope everyone has a great night!

Sleepy Saturday


Today was a sleepy Saturday because all three of us slept pretty much all day long. This morning I woke Matthew up at around 9:30. He didn't want to get up but he needed to eat so we could get our 6-8 feedings in for the day. After he ate, I fell back to sleep while he and Seth did something (I was asleep and thanking every minute for Seth taking care of my little guy for the day). At around noon I got up (yes, noon) and fed Matthew again. Seth and I ate lunch and then settled back in after feeding Matthew around 2. Matthew and I slept from around 3 til 6:30!!! I guess I was very tired today. Now I probably will not be able to sleep tonight but it was great to have one of those lazy days that I used to have before Matthew was born. Our feedings were GREAT today!!! He was only grumpy for 2 instead of his usual 4 or 5. He also pooped (I know that is gross) 4 times today!!! I hope this means that he is getting back on track. Seth and I both feel that every time we pick him up he gains another pound. I am so glad to have my normal little Matthew back. Thank God I didn't listen to the Lactation Consultant and stop breastfeeding...I really think we are going to make this work!!!

We are all so desperate to move into our house. Tonight we decided to drive by the house in the evening so we could see what it was like at night. I am afraid that people are going to start getting suspicious of our car because we drive by once a day now. Neither one of us can actually believe that we will be living in a house in less than 2 weeks!!! I can't wait until Thursday because that is the inspection day where we can see the house on the inside.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

Take care

Friday, June 12, 2009

2 steps forward--1 step back

OK. I am still convinced that things are going to get better however, Matthew was very fussy with his eating this afternoon and evening. We had a great morning...it was like it used to be for a few feedings and I was on cloud nine but then...he apparently was hurting and didn't feel too much like eating for the last few feedings. I feel like hitting my head against a brick wall sometimes. Oh well, I am still going to keep on my plan to keep him breast feeding.

We drove by our house today and they have the driveway and sidewalk finished...it looks like all they have left is the landscaping and a top coat of paint on the house. I can't wait until next Thursday when we get to take the tour and do the first inspection. We will have an opportunity to have them make repairs and then we will officially close on June 24th.

Anyway, I hate to cut this post short tonight but I am extremely tired.

Have a great night!!!

Oh Happy Day!!!

Wow, God is truly good!!! One of my dearest friends once told me that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. Today I found that statement to be so true!!! Just when I was about to give up on breastfeeding Matthew decided to have a much better day with his eating. We did not have to give him a single bottle because he ate an average of 25 minutes at each feeding. Sometimes I just wish he could just look at me and say "Momma this is what is wrong with me right now" and proceed to explain what is bothering him. I would gladly help him out if I knew what was wrong!!!

Today I decided to go back to the theory that his reflux was/is bothering him. I noticed that he would latch on and immediately arch his back and pull off. He wouldn't have any milk and then he would do this. After Seth read at the La Leche League site that babies sometime start associating pain with eating and stop eating we decided to try some of their suggested positions for nursing. After repositioning to Matthew being stomach to stomach or on his side he would fuss a little but on average eat for 10-15 minutes on each side. He was still fussy at times but he would more easily calm down and nurse. Please keep praying that this is the beginning of a much more agreeable nursing experience!!!

As for the Fenugreek...I think it is working. Since I am taking the supplement and making position changes in the nursing it is hard to say what is working. I am going to continue to take the Fenugreek and do everything we did today. I feel so much better about this situation. Today I asked God to make it extremely clear to me if I should start switching to formula...I said that I didn't want any subtle advice on this because I am defiantly thinking with my heart and I hope I am reading his answers right but it looks like the direction is to continue to nurse. More assurance came when I put little Matthew on my chest and he rooted to my breast and started nursing (just like a newborn). He was even crying and very upset while he was doing this. I believe that he still wants to nurse but he also wants to not hurt with his reflux. Hopefully we can make all of this happen for a long time to come.

Changing the subject completely...we are getting closer and closer to our closing date on our house. Today the mortgage company emailed to let us know that after we give them the last bit of info they need that we are fully approved to purchase the house. I guess with the housing market so low there are many more regulations and information that the companies and banks need to get approved. We have a realtor coming to the condo tomorrow to sign us up for a rental on this place. I hope we find someone to rent and soon because I do not know how we will be able to make ends meet after we get into the house. The picture is of the house a few days ago...since this picture was taken they have installed the accordion hurricane shutters and the lights on either side of the garage door.

Well it is time for bed...as Matthew peacefully sleeps (on a full stomach THANK GOD!!!) I realize how thankful I am for such a healthy little guy. There are so many babies out there that are born with lots of disabilities and illnesses so at least we have a minor problem with Matthew just being a little bit small. He is still meeting all of his developmental milestones. He smiles, laughs, holds his head up, lifts his head very high during "tummy time", rolls over, sleeps through the night, plays with toys, brings the toys to his mouth, and is eating solid foods without the tongue reflex pushing the food back. I am sure that I am forgetting a few but I know he is a happy, strong, and healthy baby that is truly loved by his mom and dad!!!

P.S. Matthew is also trying to sit up already. Soon I hope!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snack Time!!!

I have a plan of action!!! I am going to continue nursing Matthew and after each feeding I will go and pump to encourage more milk production. Also, I have been reading about a herbal supplement called Fenugreek and I started taking the minimum dose of that today. This supplement is supposed to increase milk production. I am not ready to give up on the nursing just yet and I hope that we can have better days and weight gain in the weeks ahead. This morning Matthew nursed like a dream and the evening feeding was great too. We have to work on the 4 inbetween. I did end up giving him 3 ounces of pumped milk today in addition to our feedings. Thank God I have Seth here to help me with all of these changes. Keep praying for us that we can make it all work out and continue our breastfeeding. I absolutely love being able to give Matthew what he needs. I will keep everyone posted on the Fenugreek success or failure.

Matthew had a treat tonight. We have a mesh teether and I had froze some Bananas and Mixed Berries baby food and put some of it into the teether. He absolutely loved every suck and bite of it. He started shoving the whole mesh part into his mouth and sucking vigorously. It was so cool to see him enjoy his little baby icey!!! After he finished the snack he started crying for more (I sometimes cry for more snack too) but we kept him occupied with toys and he loved watching So You Think You Can Dance. He also had about 3 ounces of Green Beans tonight!!!

Matthew might be a little guy...but...he is very strong. He has this new game that he plays after we change his diaper. He will actually grab my hands and pull up into a sitting position. Sometimes he actually pulls up into a standing position!!! He loves doing this because he is proud that he is acting more like a big boy. You can see the pride and confidence beaming in his facial expression.

I think Seth loves being at home with us now. He gets to play with Matthew and help me out. I love having him here because I can actually eat lunch without having to worry if he starts crying, or needs a diaper change.

I can't believe that this time last year I was just starting out on this journey that is such a blessing. This time last year I was 12 weeks pregnant and scared out of my mind. Since I had just had a miscarriage (back in January of last year) every little pain or spotting that happened sent me into a complete frenzy of worry. I remember saying..."When we make it to the next appointment I will feel better." Honestly, I never 'felt better' until I was stareing at my little Matthew on the evening of Dec. 29, 2008. What a truly marvolus adventure God has led Seth and me on. I, secretly, can't wait for the next!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hunger Strike!!!!

So either Matthew is attempting to wean himself from me or he is developing a hunger strike. The LC #5 today thinks he is ready to move on from breastfeeding. Honestly, I do not know what to think about that!!! At first I was completely devastated. I know that I am not ready emotionally to 'move on' and have him wean from me...but I want to do what is best for my little guy. I feel so rejected and alone right now.

Moving on...Matthew had a dermatologist appointment today for his hemangiomia (sp?) and I was hoping that the doc would take him off the propranolol completely today but she wants him on it for 2 more weeks. We go back on the 23rd for a follow-up and laser treatment. Seth will get to go and see a laser treatment done so maybe he will understand why I always wanted him with me when I went for those treatments back at the beginning.

Looking back on the past 5 months seems like a lifetime. Now that I have gone back to work, I feel that I really didn't like my 'normal' life before Matthew. I absolutely LOVE being a mother to little Matthew Wayne. I will really miss those days that I spent alone with Matthew when Seth was at work. At the time I would get so frustrated because I was sitting at home all by myself, without a break and constantly upset because Seth was late...but now I wish I could have all of that time back. I am starting to realize that my life with Matthew will never be the same once I start back to work in the fall. Tonight when I put him to bed...I just held him so close and tight. He was squirming around and just wanted to be put down but I couldn't for a while. He is just getting sooooooooo big...not necessarily in size but in attitude. Man I long for those evenings where he would just fall asleep in my arms while I was sitting on the couch watching American Idol or some other show.

Pray that I find more of those moments and that our breastfeeding will not stop. It is so hard to believe that I resented feeding him for so long in the beginning. Well on the bright side, now I know the rewards of bonding for when we decide to have our next child.

I hope that Matthew will always know that he is truly my knight in shining armor!!!

Good night!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission Impossible

Ok. So I finally talked with Matthew's doctor today and got some discourageing news. He would like for me to feed Matthew 8 times a day. That means that I have to feed him every two hours from 8 in the morning til 10 at night which is an impossible mission for me. I am afraid that I will be burnt out in 4 days doing this schedule. That is not factoring in his medicine schedule and the fact that it is a fight every time I try to feed him already. The doctor really wants Matthew to be 14 lbs by his 6 month visit so I am going to be a nervous wreck until we get to that weight. In the mean time I think that Matthew looks extremely healthy and he is meeting several milestones that are a little ahead of schedule. He is already trying to sit up and has been rolling over for several weeks. Matthew is laughing and smiling all of the time not to mention sleeping like a log. *me knocking on wood* Is it possible that he is just a little baby right now???

In any event, we got several varieties of baby food tonight at the store. So far we have only tried sweet potaotes, squash and rice cereal. I got pears, apple sauce, bananas with mixed fruit, peas, green beans and bananas (plain). They had a sale so I went crazy. I think I am going to go ahead and start doing 2 servings of solids a day. Maybe that will help him pack on the weight.

Seth helped out A LOT today!!! I had to teach a piano lesson this morning and when I got home he had started a load of laundry, cleaned the dishes, picked up the living room and started cleaning up the our cats messes. Matthew was very happy and ready to eat when I got home. Sometimes he really comes through and helps out like this...maybe since he is home for the summer he will keep it up!!!

Have a good night everyone and remember to keep Noah in your prayers...I haven't heard an update on him in a few days. Look for the link to his blog on my blog list to the right.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Times

What a beautiful smile!!!

Learning to use the computer at a very young age.

Matthew, Nana and Me

The Patterson Family

These pictures are from Nana's visit last week. I am so sad that she is already gone...to be honest last week seemed to fly by. Maybe the summer will go by slow so Seth, Matthew and I can enjoy the time we have together without it flashing by like the speed of light. I wish we had the money so I could be a stay at home mom. That is definitely out of the question now that we are buying the house.

Today Matthew was eating A LOT better. He even ate for almost 40 minutes at one feeding. I hope that he continues this trend and we can get back into a good routine. He has also been take very long naps in the morning and afternoon. I read somewhere that babies will sleep more often if they are not getting enough food. If this is true, I am scared that he is not getting enough to eat, but if I start giving him bottles I think he will try to wean even more off the breast. Pumping does not work very well for me unless I have missed a feeding in the morning so if he weans himself I might not be able to keep up with pumping. Knowing what to do can be so complicated sometimes!!!

We went out to eat tonight to Sonny's (our favorite BBQ joint). Man it was great and Matthew behaved himself very well. I am so proud of how well he does in public.

Well I better go for tonight. Keep us in your prayers about the breastfeeding. I hope we make the right decision.

Good night!!!

Another One Bites the Dust

Yet another stressful and frustrating day with Matthew and his newly found eating habits. Although last weeks bottle feedings were unavoidable, I think Matthew became used to eating in that way. Bottles are much faster and easier than the breast and it seems like Matthew wants the easy and lazy way of eating. Today it felt like the beginning with him...like I am starting over in trying to get him to eat as a newborn. Oh well, I guess I am going to struggle through it again because I love breastfeeding when things are working out right. In other words, I am not ready to wean him yet.

Seth was great today...in between feedings I got to go and take naps and get some much needed rest. I kept having horrible dreams last night. One dream was that Seth, Matthew and I were driving and Seth drove into a swimming pool. Seth and I got out and forgot all about Matthew. Then when we remembered him he was packed away safely in our suitcase but he was really small (like a newborn) again. Weird, huh??? I hate when I have weird dreams like that because I always feel like something bad is going to happen. Then when I checked the video monitor this morning..Matthew had unsnapped his PJs and had them wrapped around his chest and neck...so he was sleeping practically naked or just in his diaper. It scared me so bad I ran in to make sure he was still breathing. He was fine, but a little cold. I decided that any PJs that are 3 months were out at this point due to the fact that he is getting so long that he can kick himself out of them. So I am switching over to 6 month sizes or zippered PJs.

On another note...Matthew LOVES his Bumbo seat. With the little tray on it he can play with little toys. I can also use the whole thing as a little high chair so I can feed him his baby food while he sits up like a big boy. It seems like he is going to be left handed because he grabs the spoon with his left hand all of the time. Tonight was squash night and tomorrow I think I am going to try something green so we can change it up. He is eating the solids very well so I think he is ready for them. Maybe I should start doing cereal during the day and a solid at night. I might give it one more week of alternating between cereal one day and a solid the next.

I better go for tonight. Please keep praying that Matthew decides he wants to breastfeed without a struggle again. Also, there is a little boy named Noah that was shaken by his daycare provider. He had eye surgery the other day and I haven't heard much about him since. He is only 1 month older than Matthew and I couldn't imagine having to go through what his parents are going through right now. Please keep him in your prayers and if you would like to get info and read his story you can click on Noah's Road under my Blog list. I do not know his family personally but they are in need of lots of prayers.

Good night!!!