Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Midst of a Storm

Does anyone else ever feel like the sermon is directed towards you personally? Yesterday that feeling happened to me. Rev. Laurie spoke about how Jesus calmed the sea for his disciples by saying "Peace Be Still". This phrase is translated from Greek which means "Muzzle it" and I really needed to hear that yesterday morning. I find that my frustrations with Matthew conjures up a storm in which I need to hear that phrase "Peace Be Still" or "Muzzle it" Katie!!! She also reminded me of something that I had completely forgotten about...God is in control. There are times that I feel so lonely but I have been forgetting to give my concerns to God. I have been trying to let go of my worries today and trust in God a little more. To know that he has a plan for Matthew and if he doesn't want him to weigh 18 pounds right now it is for a reason and I should "Muzzle It"!!!

This afternoon Matthew was in a GREAT mood so we put him on our bed and he rolled on his tummy and started posing for the camera so I took a few pictures. After seeing these pictures I feel ridicules for paying for the pictures we had took at JC Penny the other day. The only problem is...I am never in the picture if I am always taking them. I hope you enjoy them!!!

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