Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slow Gains

Although Matthew didn't lose weight...he didn't gain as much as I had hoped he would. He went from 12 lbs 2 oz to 12 lbs 11 oz. This 9 ounce gain was very disappointing as I had hoped he would break the 13 pound mark today (secretly I wanted him to be 14 pounds). We are going to keep on trying to gain. I spoke to a Lactation Consultant a few days ago to see if there is anything I can do to help my situation and get him to gain weight but all they seemed to do is tell me that I can't eat ANY dairy products. Casein and Whey especially and those two ingredients are in everything in my cabinet right now. I was so frustrated because after I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with this crazy lady, she cancelled my appointment and passed me off to the head LC. It seems like they are wanting to change my entire diet and have the misconception that I want Matthew off of his medication. They also told me to stop all solids and basically made me feel stupid for starting them in the first place. Now I am afraid to give him anything and doubting every "food" decision I have ever made wit him. I really wished to have someone come out and observe a feeding to make sure that we were doing everything right. Then watch how he unlatches and cries so maybe they could give me some advice on how to keep him eating...not completely change my diet. FYI Never mention reflux to a LC...its like saying epidural to a doula.

To top it all off...their fee is $125.00 for the first hour and a half and $35.00 for every half hour after that. The phone fee is $70.00 for the first hour and follow up emails have a fee as well. I am not that willing and able to make those drastic changes in my diet so I do not want to pay the money. I think what I am looking for is a little encouragement that I am doing everything right and that the latch and milk supply is good. I just really HATE being passed off and I refuse to contact these people again. It seems like everytime I ask for help nurses and LC are making me feel inadequet instead of giving encouragement.

On a much happier note...Matthew, Nana and I went to school today together. The kids got to see Matthew and they were very excited. Matthew only got upset and started to cry during my 1st grade class and Nana took him for a little walk to the teachers lounge. After that Matthew ate (for about 10 minutes on the breast and then about ounces of a bottle). He fell asleep during my 3rd grade class (which was amazing because they were loud). We all went to Wendy's for lunch then returned to the school where he took another little nap then ate. At 2:15 or we left and went to the doctor to get weighed. After the doctor we came home and he ate again. We went to this resturaunt called Mutineer and it was very good. We had a nice evening visiting a park where Matthew enjoyed a stroller ride and watching the ducks with their babies (I liked that too). Then I came home to a grumpy baby. I understand because he has been up since 6:45 this morning with only a few little naps. I know he will sleep good tonight.

Please keep my little guy in your prayers. I know that there are many other babies out there that are much worse off than Matthew, but it scares me that he can't gain weight quickly. Right now he is the 3rd percentile for weight and 7th percentile for height. I really do not want to start formula but he might not give me any other options.

Have a wonderful night!!!

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