Sunday, June 21, 2009

Piano Music

I think I have found yet another trick to help Matthew stay latched on and eating. Piano music!!! We have moved to the bedroom for our feedings now and listen to the classical radio station. When they play some kind of piano music Matthew calms down and listens and eats for his normal 30-40 minutes. Today he only had a couple of uncomfortable minutes in one or two feedings and, for the most part, seemed to enjoy eating again. Tonight he had some gassy fussiness but other than that he did great.

An update on our house...The other day we did not get to do the official walk-through. The foreman had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and no one called us to tell us that the house would be delayed a couple of days. Now our offical walk-through is this coming Tuesday. Since Opa and Mimi were here from Naples we were able to walk through the house and see what it looked like and it was beautiful!!! I can't even imagine how we are ever going to fill that house up with furniture. So now we are waiting a few more days and hopefully will get to move in by July 1. Matthew seemed to be mesmerized by the was very cute.

Below is a video of Matthew taking a bath...Enjoy!!!

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