Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nana's Leaving :(

Nana will be leaving tomorrow so Seth, Matthew and I will be left to our self for the beginning of the summer. Now we have to pack all of our stuff up to move into our new house on June 24th (our closing date).

School is officially over even though I have to go for a teacher planning day tomorrow. Honestly, I have to find some way to not think about the fall right now so I have convinced myself that I am back on maternity leave!!!

Today Nana got Matthew a Bumbo seat and he loves it. I used it to sit him in while I fed him some squash (which is new) and he ate half the jar in one sitting. I was very impressed with him and the breastfeeding went much better today. Maybe he is making a turn out of this phase. He has also been taking much more frequent naps so I hope that is a sign that he has a full tummy. I know that he has enjoyed getting to know his Nana all day long while I have been going to work. They do alot of fun things together and he does seem happy. Today when I got home he gave me a huge smile but then immediately wanted to nurse (even though he had eaten about an hour before I got home). I think that was his way of saying he missed me.

All in all, going back to work wasn't bad this week. I don't know if it was because Matthew was with my mom or if I just needed a different kind of job for a while but I wasn't so freaked out about not being around him all day. Maybe that is an indication of how it will be in the fall.

Have a great night!!!

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