Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

Wow, God is truly good!!! One of my dearest friends once told me that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. Today I found that statement to be so true!!! Just when I was about to give up on breastfeeding Matthew decided to have a much better day with his eating. We did not have to give him a single bottle because he ate an average of 25 minutes at each feeding. Sometimes I just wish he could just look at me and say "Momma this is what is wrong with me right now" and proceed to explain what is bothering him. I would gladly help him out if I knew what was wrong!!!

Today I decided to go back to the theory that his reflux was/is bothering him. I noticed that he would latch on and immediately arch his back and pull off. He wouldn't have any milk and then he would do this. After Seth read at the La Leche League site that babies sometime start associating pain with eating and stop eating we decided to try some of their suggested positions for nursing. After repositioning to Matthew being stomach to stomach or on his side he would fuss a little but on average eat for 10-15 minutes on each side. He was still fussy at times but he would more easily calm down and nurse. Please keep praying that this is the beginning of a much more agreeable nursing experience!!!

As for the Fenugreek...I think it is working. Since I am taking the supplement and making position changes in the nursing it is hard to say what is working. I am going to continue to take the Fenugreek and do everything we did today. I feel so much better about this situation. Today I asked God to make it extremely clear to me if I should start switching to formula...I said that I didn't want any subtle advice on this because I am defiantly thinking with my heart and I hope I am reading his answers right but it looks like the direction is to continue to nurse. More assurance came when I put little Matthew on my chest and he rooted to my breast and started nursing (just like a newborn). He was even crying and very upset while he was doing this. I believe that he still wants to nurse but he also wants to not hurt with his reflux. Hopefully we can make all of this happen for a long time to come.

Changing the subject completely...we are getting closer and closer to our closing date on our house. Today the mortgage company emailed to let us know that after we give them the last bit of info they need that we are fully approved to purchase the house. I guess with the housing market so low there are many more regulations and information that the companies and banks need to get approved. We have a realtor coming to the condo tomorrow to sign us up for a rental on this place. I hope we find someone to rent and soon because I do not know how we will be able to make ends meet after we get into the house. The picture is of the house a few days ago...since this picture was taken they have installed the accordion hurricane shutters and the lights on either side of the garage door.

Well it is time for Matthew peacefully sleeps (on a full stomach THANK GOD!!!) I realize how thankful I am for such a healthy little guy. There are so many babies out there that are born with lots of disabilities and illnesses so at least we have a minor problem with Matthew just being a little bit small. He is still meeting all of his developmental milestones. He smiles, laughs, holds his head up, lifts his head very high during "tummy time", rolls over, sleeps through the night, plays with toys, brings the toys to his mouth, and is eating solid foods without the tongue reflex pushing the food back. I am sure that I am forgetting a few but I know he is a happy, strong, and healthy baby that is truly loved by his mom and dad!!!

P.S. Matthew is also trying to sit up already. Soon I hope!!!

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