Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Today Kelly at is hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday Master bedrooms. Although I am new to this and we haven't moved into our new house yet I thought I would post about my Master bedroom now and the future (keep in mind that the future is not decorated yet).

These curtains are from my grandmother's house and I will always cherish them. The red and orange wall was an experiment that went kinda wrong (however it kinda grew on us).

This is a Queen size bed. My end table (on the right) was my grandmother's old TV stand. It is really old and scuffed up but I love it all the same. As you can see we have a VERY small bedroom. I loved this painting that I found at Wal-Mart and thought it brought the bright colors of the room together. Also, I thought that putting a lot of white colors tamed the walls. When I first started painting the looked like I was painting blood on the wall. Scary!!!

The chest of drawers matches the bed. We got the bed at Big Lots furniture a few years ago when we were living in Ohio. Luckily the Big Lots down here in Miami carried the same set and we were able to get the matching chest. Pretty nice huh??

This is a view of our Master bathroom (nothing to exciting) we used the left over orange to paint in there. It was kinda bright but we like it now. Although we are moving out next week.

Here is the only picture I have of our new Master bedroom. I will post more next week when we move in.

Enjoy the pictures and tour of my bedroom!!!


  1. I also love my grandmother’s things. That is great that you will always have them.

  2. Great job on your bedroom and good luck on moving.
    Thank you for sharing.