Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Baby Daddy Day!!

This picture is from when Matthew was only 3 months old but I thought that it worked well as the main picture. I just love how Matthew is looking up at his daddy. What a beautiful moment they shared before bathtime.

Today was great. We went to church and put Matthew in the nursery for the first time. The lady was very nice and I felt comfortable leaving him with her. Honestly, it was weird walking into church only carrying my purse. It is good for Matthew to get used to other people taking care of him for a little while because in the fall he will have to stay with Ms. Cooky all day long. In any event, our service starts at 11 o'clock and goes until 12:15 or so. At 12 I left to go check on him (I thought he might be getting hungry) and as soon as I opened the door of the church to walk across the street to the nursery I heard WAHHHHH WAH WAH WAHHHHHH and thought O my. They assured me that he had been asleep until about 5 minutes before I got there...I hope they were not just saying that to make me feel better. He quickly calmed down and I went into another room to feed him. He ate OK but luckily I brought a bottle and he chugged that down pretty fast.

After church we went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was very good. Below is a picture of Seth and Matthew while we were eating. Again Matthew is looking up at his daddy that same way. Unfortunatly, I forgot the camera (duh!!!) and wasn't able to take any good pictures..I took this one with my crappy phone camera, but at least I have a picture to remember the day by.

After lunch we drove by to look at our house (yes again)...and it looked completed. They had re-painted the outside and it looked great. I can't wait to move in and take pictures of all the rooms decorated.

Matthew update...
I haven't mentioned this in a while but Matthew still has not cut his first tooth. Today he was drooling everywhere and shoving his fists in his mouth again so hopefully it will be soon. He actually stopped with the symptoms for a few weeks and just started back the last couple of days.

He is eating much better (although not back to 100%). Tonight he had about an hour long fit where he wouldn't eat, play, sleep or need a diaper change. Honestly after about 15 minutes of him crying non-stop it just got funny. (I didn't know how to react anymore so I laughed...does that make me a bad parent) Finally about an hour after I first started trying to feed him he ate for about 10 minutes and started crying again. So...I tried to give him a bottle of formula (I didn't want to thaw out a bottle of breastmilk if he was just going to refuse the bottle too). He tasted the formula and started spitting it out. Secretly I thought.....good boy Matthew--you know what your milk is supposed to taste like...spit it out. But in reality I am still worried about his weight gain and the fact that he missed a complete feeding is not a good thing. On the other hand he did eat very well at the last feeding and a few others throughout the day. Please keep praying that he will be OK and gain lots and lots of weight by his next appointment on the 29th.

I better go for tonight. Thanks for all of your prayers because they seem to be working.

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