Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Times

What a beautiful smile!!!

Learning to use the computer at a very young age.

Matthew, Nana and Me

The Patterson Family

These pictures are from Nana's visit last week. I am so sad that she is already be honest last week seemed to fly by. Maybe the summer will go by slow so Seth, Matthew and I can enjoy the time we have together without it flashing by like the speed of light. I wish we had the money so I could be a stay at home mom. That is definitely out of the question now that we are buying the house.

Today Matthew was eating A LOT better. He even ate for almost 40 minutes at one feeding. I hope that he continues this trend and we can get back into a good routine. He has also been take very long naps in the morning and afternoon. I read somewhere that babies will sleep more often if they are not getting enough food. If this is true, I am scared that he is not getting enough to eat, but if I start giving him bottles I think he will try to wean even more off the breast. Pumping does not work very well for me unless I have missed a feeding in the morning so if he weans himself I might not be able to keep up with pumping. Knowing what to do can be so complicated sometimes!!!

We went out to eat tonight to Sonny's (our favorite BBQ joint). Man it was great and Matthew behaved himself very well. I am so proud of how well he does in public.

Well I better go for tonight. Keep us in your prayers about the breastfeeding. I hope we make the right decision.

Good night!!!

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