Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleepy Saturday


Today was a sleepy Saturday because all three of us slept pretty much all day long. This morning I woke Matthew up at around 9:30. He didn't want to get up but he needed to eat so we could get our 6-8 feedings in for the day. After he ate, I fell back to sleep while he and Seth did something (I was asleep and thanking every minute for Seth taking care of my little guy for the day). At around noon I got up (yes, noon) and fed Matthew again. Seth and I ate lunch and then settled back in after feeding Matthew around 2. Matthew and I slept from around 3 til 6:30!!! I guess I was very tired today. Now I probably will not be able to sleep tonight but it was great to have one of those lazy days that I used to have before Matthew was born. Our feedings were GREAT today!!! He was only grumpy for 2 instead of his usual 4 or 5. He also pooped (I know that is gross) 4 times today!!! I hope this means that he is getting back on track. Seth and I both feel that every time we pick him up he gains another pound. I am so glad to have my normal little Matthew back. Thank God I didn't listen to the Lactation Consultant and stop breastfeeding...I really think we are going to make this work!!!

We are all so desperate to move into our house. Tonight we decided to drive by the house in the evening so we could see what it was like at night. I am afraid that people are going to start getting suspicious of our car because we drive by once a day now. Neither one of us can actually believe that we will be living in a house in less than 2 weeks!!! I can't wait until Thursday because that is the inspection day where we can see the house on the inside.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

Take care

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