Monday, June 15, 2009

Counting down

We are counting down the days until we close on our new house. I can't wait!!! The first thing I am going to do is paint Matthew's room. His room needs to look like a baby's room if that is the only one that we paint in the whole house. I just wish we knew someone in Miami that would be able to help us out with moving and everything.

I am convinced that Matthew needs no distractions throughout his day to have a good day eating. For example, if we go somewhere in the morning he usually has a bad day. If we go out to eat at night and are at home for the whole day he handles that very well. Even though he still resists sometimes for the most part things have gotten a whole lot better. He doesn't fuss as long and will latch back on. Tonight he had reflux problems so I fed him about 15 minutes on the breast and then some oatmeal. He liked the oatmeal a lot and fell asleep for about 2 hours before his bedtime meal.

When we have our next baby I will be ready for all of these obstacles.

Looking back at Matthew's first few evenings in this world I will leave you with one of his very first pictures. What a sweet little angel he was those few nights in the hospital!!!

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