Friday, June 5, 2009

School's Out For Summer

School is officially over for summer...I guess that means I am back on maternity leave. My mom left today so now we have to focus on packing up our house for the big move at the end of June.

Matthew is back to being fussy with his eating today. We went a couple of days with him getting better but now he has taken 2 steps backwards. I really do not think it has anything at all to do with what I am eating because he takes a bottle of breast milk just fine. I called Matthew's doctor today to talk to him about these issues but he didn't return my call. Maybe he can give me some advice on what I should do to help my little guy gain weight faster. He might not even be concerned. Hopefully he will call tomorrow to let me know more information.

When my mom was here she got us a video camera (which will be our Christmas present) so I will be posting videos of Matthew soon.

Have a great night!!!

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