Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Perspective

Sorry Aunt picture today.

Speaking of Aunt Casey...I would like to thank her for helping me to put all of my worries and concerns into perspective tonight. Here I am acting like a crazy person when Matthew decides he isn't hungry or is fighting at me trying to not eat when moms everywhere have similar or comparable problems with their babies. I forget to take into account that Matthew is sooooo happy and playing and laughing most of the time and if he is a little small for his age then WHO CARES!!! Then the mom in me takes back over and worries all over again. Remember lactation consultant #5 (last week) who told me that Matthew was ready to 'move on' from breastfeeding...I think she was wrong even more today. Matthew is still showing the classic signs of reflux and if I had went to formula last week that might have made it worse. Now Matthew is back spitting up more so I am at a loss of what to do. I emailed his doctor tonight so we will see what he says when he emails me back. Honestly, even though I truly do not want this...We might have to go ahead with the upper GI procedure just to make sure that Matthew's upper GI is working properly. I hate to make him go through something like that but I also want to help him feel better while he is eating.

Another way that I have put all of these 'struggles' into perspective is reading Noah's Road and Kayleigh's Story (on my blog list). Matthew could be suffering through being shook like Noah or no longer with us like Kayleigh. We actually have it pretty good compared to their struggles. After reading about little Noah tonight I actually feel kinda selfish for being so upset about Matthew and his eating problems. It could be much worse. On the other hand, there are several people that I am thinking of tonight that are having 'minor' struggles (that seem very major) and finding out that when your baby is sick no matter how severe it is still the biggest worry in the world at that moment.

~~completely changing the subject~~

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! We get to see our house for the first time. Opa and Mimi (Seth's Dad and Step-Mom) are coming over to do the walk through with us. Afterwards we are going to get Father's Day pictures made at JC Penny's. Matthew is turning 6 months old on the 29th of this month so we will get some of him alone as well for that milestone. Let's hope that he gives the camera a huge smile!!!

Have a great night!!!

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