Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snack Time!!!

I have a plan of action!!! I am going to continue nursing Matthew and after each feeding I will go and pump to encourage more milk production. Also, I have been reading about a herbal supplement called Fenugreek and I started taking the minimum dose of that today. This supplement is supposed to increase milk production. I am not ready to give up on the nursing just yet and I hope that we can have better days and weight gain in the weeks ahead. This morning Matthew nursed like a dream and the evening feeding was great too. We have to work on the 4 inbetween. I did end up giving him 3 ounces of pumped milk today in addition to our feedings. Thank God I have Seth here to help me with all of these changes. Keep praying for us that we can make it all work out and continue our breastfeeding. I absolutely love being able to give Matthew what he needs. I will keep everyone posted on the Fenugreek success or failure.

Matthew had a treat tonight. We have a mesh teether and I had froze some Bananas and Mixed Berries baby food and put some of it into the teether. He absolutely loved every suck and bite of it. He started shoving the whole mesh part into his mouth and sucking vigorously. It was so cool to see him enjoy his little baby icey!!! After he finished the snack he started crying for more (I sometimes cry for more snack too) but we kept him occupied with toys and he loved watching So You Think You Can Dance. He also had about 3 ounces of Green Beans tonight!!!

Matthew might be a little guy...but...he is very strong. He has this new game that he plays after we change his diaper. He will actually grab my hands and pull up into a sitting position. Sometimes he actually pulls up into a standing position!!! He loves doing this because he is proud that he is acting more like a big boy. You can see the pride and confidence beaming in his facial expression.

I think Seth loves being at home with us now. He gets to play with Matthew and help me out. I love having him here because I can actually eat lunch without having to worry if he starts crying, or needs a diaper change.

I can't believe that this time last year I was just starting out on this journey that is such a blessing. This time last year I was 12 weeks pregnant and scared out of my mind. Since I had just had a miscarriage (back in January of last year) every little pain or spotting that happened sent me into a complete frenzy of worry. I remember saying..."When we make it to the next appointment I will feel better." Honestly, I never 'felt better' until I was stareing at my little Matthew on the evening of Dec. 29, 2008. What a truly marvolus adventure God has led Seth and me on. I, secretly, can't wait for the next!!!

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