Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 3 with Ms. Cookie

Well...I will say that leaving Matthew with his sitter has actually went A LOT smoother than I thought. I put on a good front at school but inside it is tearing me apart that I have to leave him with someone during the day!!! When I get home it seems like the hours pass by like minutes before I have to put him to bed. I miss our life together before so bad!!!!!!! I want to feed him lunch...I want to breastfeed him anytime he wants throughout the day. Oh well, I have opened a new chapter of motherhood and if I want to keep our house I must work!!

On the other hand, Matthew is having a blast with his new friends. This morning Matthew and I got there at the same time that another baby was getting there and they exchanged smiles and touched each other's hand. It was like they were best friends. (that was the first time I almost cried today). After I fed him I took him over to Ms. Cookie and he started crying and reaching for me...(that was the second time I almost cried). When I went to pick him up he was sitting in an exersaucer pounding his hands on these lights and having a blast. He looked up and saw me and acted like he wanted to show me all about his new toy. He was very excited...(that was the third time I almost cried).

To be honest, when I am at school I do not have very much time to worry about him often and even if I did have the time I wouldn't worry because I know he is safe with Ms. Cookie!!!

Only one more day until the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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