Friday, May 27, 2011

Jackson 5.0

Hi all...I can't believe that Jackson is already 5 months old but what is more mind boggling to me is that on Sunday Matthew will be 29 months old. My oh my how time truly flies!!!

Jackson now weighes 16 lbs and 9 oz....yes, my second child is a eater...if you remember my frustrations with trying to get Matthew to eat when he was 5 months old. Matthew only weighed about 12 lbs at 5 months so I would say we are on the right track with Jackson.

I am still exclusively breast feeding Jackson...he has not had any solids yet. Jackson is fitting into 9 month clothes but most of his close are still 6 month sizes.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!!

Brotherly Love!!!

Matthew at 5 months and Jackson at 5 months!!! They look like twins don't they???

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