Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I'd Only Known What I Know Now

This afternoon I decided to go to Sonny’s (my favorite BBQ restaurant). On the way to eat I was remembering back last December how they gave these little red envelopes out that had a coupon inside. You couldn’t open it until you came back in January and then you got your discount. So many things have changed since we got those little red envelopes. Just tonight I couldn’t believe that those envelopes had long expired (actually we have already used them up). I remembered that the first one we used we got a free appetizer—corn nuggets. Seth was so excited because he loved corn nuggets and we rarely ordered appetizers at Sonny’s so we ordered our corn nuggets. This was one of the first times we took Matthew to Sonny’s and he started crying…..and crying…..eventually Seth had to take him out of the restaurant before the corn nuggets came. I had to pack up all of the food and we took it home and ate. Tonight at Sonny’s, Matthew was sitting up in his high chair eating his chicken and sweet potatoes with sweet peas and bananas for dessert. He did start crying but we were able to calm him down fairly quickly, not to mention keep our nerves at bay. Honestly I just ended up laughing because the face he was making was so cute. It is bitter sweet, because he is growing up SOOOOO fast. I look back at those hectic times where I couldn’t get him to stop crying and wish for them because now I know a whole lot of different ways to calm him down. Also, now I am not as shy about nursing in public. Back then I was so nervous I would offend someone and now I don’t give a hoot (or hooter…lol). I would have just nursed him right there in Sonny’s that night that he was crying so bad if I had only known what I know now.

Tonight Matthew finally decided that he liked his little car toy. The first few times we sat him on it he would start crying and shaking. I think he was scared of the little sounds and songs it makes. (It is rather loud) This afternoon I tried to sit him down on it again and he loved it. I rolled him all around the house with him just smiling from ear to ear. We drove from the living room to his bedroom and then he got off for a diaper change. This evening he actually started to move his feet to make the car move. At only nine months old, being so mobile does make me nervous about him falling off and hitting his head on the tile floor. He did great though. Enjoy the pictures and have a great night!!!

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  1. He sure loves that musical car! It has been quite a fun adventure so far.