Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spit-up and more spit-up

The last few days I have had flashbacks to Matthew and all of his spit-up and reflux problems. Jackson has been spitting up or throwing up A LOT since last Saturday. It got so bad yesterday that it was almost every meal. Luckily this afternoon he seemed to keep everything down. Tonight all he wanted to do was eat so he started spitting up bordering on throw-up again. I called the doctor but unfortunately I talked to the 'other' doctor at Dr. Goosby's practice and I do not necessarily trust this guy. He advised me to go to the emergency room and have an ultrasound done. He thinks that there could be something wrong with his stomach tightening up and the only treatment is SURGERY. I can't help but think that I am overreacting on the throw-up/spit-up situation. I don't want to ignore a problem but I also don't want to go and spend a long time in the emergency room with a less than 2 month old just to find out he is perfectly fine and then he gets some strange illness from being at the emergency room!!! Please pray that the vomiting will go away or at least get better so we can hold off until he gets his 2 month shots. I also would like to talk to Dr. Goosby about this situation and get a 2nd opinion.

In the mean time he is still eating VERY WELL and pooping and peeing so I know things are getting through his system.

On a happier are a few pics from his 7 week photo shoot.

Happy Friday!!!

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