Thursday, June 10, 2010

OK. OK. 17 months

I decided I better go ahead and post Matthew's 17 month information. I am sooooo behind on my blog, but tomorrow is the last teacher planning day so I am hoping to get caught up big time.

Here are some pictures I took on his 17 month birthday. I only got 3 before my camera battery died and I didn't charge it again until yesterday.

Here is our little angel at 17 months old...

This month he is talking and talking and talking but too bad we don't know what language he is speaking because we can't understand very much. I feel like I should know exactly what he is saying and the other day he looked at the perfect stranger and said, "bla be do ti sss toelds" and I swear she knew what he said. So I am beginning to think that he speaks perfect Spanish (since he stays with ladies who speak primarily Spanish all day) and we just don't know what he is saying. Another exciting milestone is the fact that now he will eat off of a plate without throwing the plate across the room. We can fix him a plate of food and he will sit there and eat off the plate. He has not been to the doctor since his 15 month appointment so I am not sure how much he weighs but I know he has gotten taller because he now can open doors. He hasn't shown ANY signs of an ear infection in at least 2 months so I hope he is growing out of that. Anyway, we hope to start trying milk or soy milk again this summer. Let's hope that he will tolerate that well. We are taking him to the dermatologist next Tuesday because his hemagiomia (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly) is growing back.

Now for comparison here is Matthew at 5 months old (1 year ago from the above pictures).

I love you Matthew Wayne =) Look at those lashes!!!!


  1. It is amazing how much they grow in a year. I love the last picture. Enjoy your summer break!

  2. Your little guy is so cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog. How did you find it?