Friday, October 8, 2010

Glowing & Growing

For some reason, everyone has told me that I look different this week. Currently, I am 28 weeks and counting but this is the week that I feel like I am really starting to LOOK and FEEL prego.

Here are some pictures we took last weekend.

Mommy and Matthew (& Jackson too) ;)

Playing around outside.

Helping daddy get the grill ready

This weekend Matthew seems to have caught a stomach virus that I certainly hope I do not catch. At this point he can't even keep water or pedialyte down. I sent him to bed with no water or supper. You could tell that he was starving with thirst and I felt horrible not letting him drink anything but I know it will help him get better in the long run.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend Matthew will be feeling much better and I can post some more pictures of our weekend.

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  1. Hopefully your little guy is feeling better soon. I had the stomach bug a few weeks ago and it was no fun!