Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

So we got up and went to church this took about 10 minutes for someone to remind me of the Alabama loss to South Carolina yesterday. I have to admit....until this year I really didn't know that South Carolina actually had a football team...or at least a good one. Yesterday...SC showed that they could really play football while Alabama looked like a stinky high school team out on the field. I was very disappointed in our team, but I have to admit I knew they wouldn't win forever.

The sad part about our loss is that I finally got Matthew to say ROOOOLLL TIDE. He will roll his hands in the air while saying Rolllll and then give me high fives on Tide. We were just about to video and then Alabama lost so I'm just not in the spirit to try to get it on video until next weekend.

Today, Matthew was feeling much better by yesterday afternoon so after the game we went to Red Lobster which cheered us all up. They have a great Salmon and I loved loved loved it.

After church we came home. Matthew was being very photogenic so we took some pictures.

Here are some of his funny faces =)

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