Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pictureless but Thankful Thanksgiving

So...I haven't felt much like taking pictures recently. Today I thought about it but just didn't take the time. We had a great day at home. I let Publix do all the work for Turkey day this year. I only have 5 weeks left in my pregnancy and I wasn't feeling up to traveling to Naples or cooking. Publix had a great deal for $40.00. A 7-10 pound turkey...dressing...mashed potatoes and gravy...cranberry sauce...and a cranberry apple cobbler. The turkey was great...but I still say that there is nothing like mamma's dressin' and grandma's mashed potatoes.

Matthew enjoyed the day and really liked the turkey. Tomorrow I hope to do some shopping (only not at 4 in the morning). I am going to wait until later in the day to go.

Saturday we are going to get the Christmas tree so hopefully I will have some pictures to share by the end of the weekend.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!

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