Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Holy Week and Dance Party

Have I mentioned that Jackson is growing up WAY TO FAST!!!

Although he HATES tummy time he is doing very well at holding his head up. I think he will be flipping from stomach to back on a regular basis soon. He has flipped once already but he hasn't done it again. I think it might have scared him because he looked completely shocked when he flipped himself over.

About a week ago Seth's brother Aaron and his friend Dael came to visit. I'm not exactly sure who was more excited for them to be here...me because they played with and kept Matthew occupied or Matthew because they play with and kept him occupied. Aaron had an iPad...which I seriously want now...and he downloaded all of these Elmo games and on one you could make your own monster with an option to make the monster dance to all of these silly songs. Well...Matthew, Aaron and Dael danced to these silly songs for what seemed to be an hour straight. I wish I had the time and energy to dedicate to Matthew but Jackson needs a lot of my time right now.

Finally, this past Sunday was Palm Sunday so in the spirit of the beginning of Holy Week I decided to put Jackson in his bunny hat for church.

I love my little bunny =)

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