Friday, July 23, 2010

Mt. Rainier, snow and me in flip flops (yes, my Florida was showing) nobody told me that there would still be snow on the ground in JULY on our trip to the mountains in Washington state. Honestly, I just didn't think about it that much. I just wanted room in my luggage for....I don't know....other things, other than bulky shoes.

Mt. Rainier was beautiful...but COOOOLLLLDDD (at a high temp of 53 it actually was kinda a spring like day for the mountain folk) ;) The first place we went in the park was called the Paradise Visitor Center. On a clear day you can see wonderful views of the glaciers and snow caps on the mountain...but we just saw fog. Luckily at the next stop...Sunrise Visitors Center...the fog had lifted and we saw a beautiful view of the mountain.

We also saw really old trees (that sprouted in the 1200s)...



(OK..OK I am aware that the last picture is of a previously wild Panther...but isn't it beautiful)

and not to mention the beautiful scenery!!!

We were sad to leave the park...but it seems like everywhere you go in the Seattle/Tacoma area the mountains are following you. We looked in our rear view mirror at one point and there it was...chasing us away. It was a little scary to know that Mt. Rainier is an active volcano. If we heard or felt rumbling we were supposed to leave the park immediately. Luckily, we made it out...and the only rumbling I felt was the bumpy road that Seth was driving too fast on...just kidding Seth ;)

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