Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the Twilight Zone

Getting back to blogging. While we were in Seattle we decided to take a trip to the Olympic National Park. This place is about 95% wilderness and I can completely understand why. It is desolate in places. Wow, it is beautiful that we still have places that are wild and unexplored in America.

First of all we took a ferry boat to this small little town on the edge of the park called Port Angeles, WA. It is about 25 to 30 miles from the Canadian border. We got to our hotel around 6 pm, so we decided to head out and do some exploring of the town. You see in Washington it doesn't get dark until about 9:30 or 10:00 at night (which is already 12:30 or 1:00 am eastern time so I was kinda fascinated by this time change business) In Port Angeles, we went down to the docks area near the water and all of these stores has stuff about the Twilight series in them. You have to understand that since Matthew was born I don't have time to read much less go and get hooked on movies so I know little or nothing about all of the craziness surrounding the Twilight saga. We decided that we needed a break from Seafood (gasp) and got Mexican instead. Although this quaint little restaurant called Bella's something or others caught our eye. It was Italian and since I am pregnant Italian always gives me heartburn so we decided on Mexican instead. Anyway, Port Angeles is a creepy little sea town and EVERYONE looks so pale and different from the tan and Hispanic crowd I am used to in Miami. I just couldn't get the Twilight stuff out of my mind so when we got back to the hotel that night I searched Twilight on the Internet and OMG....Twilight was set in this part of Washington. We were actually going to drive through Forks, WA...where Bella (the main character) lives in the book. I also found out that in the book and movie the characters eat at that Bella's restaurant where we almost ate. Weird huh???

Above is a picture of Port Angeles...isn't it creepy???

Needless to say, I had weird dreams about Edward (the vampire) coming into our hotel room the entire night. I can't sleep in strange musty hotel rooms very well anyway so it was just a weird night.

Well, the next morning we (I, gladly) got up and headed out for our adventure. First off we went to Hurricane ridge where there was SNOW!!!

After all of that we headed to Forks. Which was now something more exciting and unusual for me.

The above pictures are taken at the "it spots" for TWI hards to go and have their pictures taken. I must say that it didn't really mean much to me was a little exciting. We went into the Chamber of Commerce building and someone asked me if I was for Jacob or Edward. I looked at them like they had grown another head because I had no idea (now I have figured it out) what they were talking about. =) Along our drive, however, I did expect a ware wolf or vampire to jump out at any given moment. This place was creepy. And remember earlier how I talked about how everyone looked so pale...well, in Forks it was even more weird. I expected, at any given moment for someone to look at me and have red glowing eyes.

After we had lunch in Forks...went about 10 miles down the road to a cold weather rain forest (which was spooky considering we were in vampire and ware wolf country).

The last stop of our trip to the Olympic National Park was at the Pacific Ocean.

Although you would think that all of this was within about a 70 or 80 mile trek...well you would be wrong. From Port Angeles to Forks alone was about 60 miles or so. This trip was a LOOOOONG day. We finally made it back to Tacoma around 9:00 and when we went to eat at a restaurant they acted like they didn't want to serve us because they closed at 10 pm. We were pooped!!!

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our day trip to Mount Rainier National Park!!!

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