Friday, July 9, 2010

Seattle, WA

So I am going to take a few minutes and blog about our trip to Seattle. Seth and I flew out for the American Federation of Teachers convention where we are delegates for our local union back in Miami, FL. It is bizzare to think that we come from about 200 miles from Cuba to about 200 miles (or less) from Canada. You can't go much farther across the US.

On our flight in I snapped these shots of Mount Ranier and the surrounding snow caps. We are going to take a tour of the area after our obligations to the convention is over so I will have more pictures at that time.

Meanwhile, Matthew is staying with my mom (his Nana) back in Alabama. I don't think he misses me know...out of sight--out of mind. He did see a picture of me today and say at least he remembers me =). I miss him like crazy, but honestly it is a relief that he is not here because of all the walking we have to do and it feels like we are walking up hill both ways, except there is no has been in the upper 80s.

More to come soon....

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