Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silly boy!!!

Well...I have been bad about posting these last couple of weeks. My life has been very busy but hopefully after the next week or so things will calm down a bit and I will be able to post more regularly.

This FIL and MIL cam to visit for the day on Saturday and we had a great visit. We went to Portofino (a pizza place near us) for lunch and then they had to get back to Naples. They had been to St. Thomas last week and flew out and back into Miami so they were very tired and needed to get back home.

On Friday...Matthew went back to the doctor for a check-up on the ears...and for now...his ears are clear so that means NO ENT Doctor right now!!! He has been in a much better mood recently and I hope that continues for a while.

This past week...he started walking more and more and now he pretty much walks anywhere he wants. That makes me happy!!! Everyone is telling me that now is when the hard part starts....I don't see it yet other than I have to watch him a little closer.

I almost forgot....Matthew is now saying 'Cracker' although it sounds a little like ka ka lol!!! We know it is cracker because he is actually pointing and asking for one at dinner and tonight while we were eating he came over and started saying Cracker...Cracker so we gave him one and he was happy!!! Our first verbal communication tell us what he wants...I am so proud!!!

Well I better get going for tonight. Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!!!

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  1. He is just so cute and so smiley!
    Hi, I'm Casey's friend and wanted to pop over and see how you guys were doing!