Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Hour After All of That Happened!!! this week has been filled with one thing or another. I feel like just when I think that something else couldn't go does. Well this week was one of those. To make matters worse...Matthew has an ear infection in BOTH EARS. He is not tolerating the change to whole milk very well...he is constipated...and today right in the middle of Cracker Barrel he threw-up (not just a little) his WHOLE lunch and breakfast with plenty of juice and milk to make it go EVERYWHERE. Needless to say...I couldn't even eat lunch after that happened. I was so embarrassed.

Can you believe that these pictures were taken just about an hour after all of that happened???

Now he seems fine...he is just not eating as much. I think that he might have some issues with milk. I guess I should call his GI doctor and see if he needs to be checked out for something like a milk allergy. He refused a bottle tonight and last night as well.

I guess we did get some good news this week. On Wednesday, Matthew weighed 19 pound and 10 ounces. So we are knocking on 20 pounds!!!!

Tonight we went to the United Teachers of Dade multicultural event. Matthew, even though he didn't have a good morning, loved the show. We had dancers, singers, and even a group of mimes perform. Matthew even started dancing like a Flamenco dancer at one point. The food was from all different types of cultures. We had lots of fun.

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  1. It is amazing how quickly kids can bounce back from things. Hope his ears are feeling better!