Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Boy Bath

Tonight we decided to try Matthew in the regular bathtub since he seems to be quickly growing out of his little baby tub. It is bitter sweet to see him getting so big. I honestly can't even remember a time when I had to hold him supporting his head. Now he has to be REALLY tired before he will lie in my arms like a little bitty baby.

He seemed to really enjoy more space but I am not sure he realized that he was out of his little green tub. The little toys he is playing with are from our favorite BBQ restaurant Sonnys. They were giving away these little rubber duckies dressed like animals back a few months ago. We have the Zebraduckie, Tigerduckie, and several others. They are small and he loves to squirt the water out of them. I need to get him some more bath toys. I might look into that soon.

I thought I would start something new this year on my blog. On Matthew's 'month' birthday I am going to post a picture from 1 year ago and then side by side with a present picture so we can see how much he has changed.

Here is Matthew at 13 months

and here he is at 1 month

Can you believe how much he has changed??? I can't believe these pictures are of the same baby boy.

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