Thursday, January 14, 2010

Far away from home

When you move away from one tells you all of the important and critical events that you miss. Sometimes I feel so selfish for leaving to pursue some big dream of becoming a concert flutist traveling all over the country...or at the least performing in some orchestra somewhere. At times like the present, I feel so guilty for trying to chase some stupid selfish dream and failing miserably to find myself teaching in the public school system and never playing my flute. (disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with being a public school was just my fall back case I didn't make it in my dream) Don't get me wrong...there are a few things that I enjoy about teaching...but again at times like this those 'things' are few and far between.

I guess the 'times like this' that I'm talking about is the fact that my grandmother 'granny' is critically ill about 13 hours away. Simply speaking my selfish failures are keeping me away right now. I am sad because I can't be there to help my momma and daddy out or sit at the hospital with her...or even get to talk to her just a little bit when she is awake and feeling up to it.

Please keep our family in your prayers at this time. Fortunately, my grandmother is not in pain (for the most part).

At least Matthew got to meet his great grandmother...I love the last picture. They are smiling at each other and it is so sweet.

Let's also say a prayer for the people of Haiti tonight.

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  1. I am praying for your family. It is hard being away from family during a time like this.