Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meeting Great Granddaddy Partain and praying for Granny

Nearing the end of our trip to Alabama Matthew got to go to the nursing home to meet his Great Grandfather who I have always called "Granddaddy Partain". Although he has been out of our life for many years due to circumstances I will not go into on my blog, the past few years he has been sick and has ended up in a nursing home. So we have gotten back in touch with him. He, for some reason, always asks about me and when I will be up visiting. Of course he knew about Matthew so we all went to visit him.

It was so funny because I get really nervous when older people want to hold a baby. So before we dropped by to visit I asked mom what the plans would be if he wanted to hold Matthew. (In situations like this I like to be prepared on how to handle difficult moments) Mom assured me that he wouldn't want to hold Matthew. Low and behold the first thing he did was reach for Matthew...so me being completely unprepared I handed him off to Granddaddy. Mom held his hand while I held another and surprisingly Matthew didn't cry. (Thank GOD because the entire time Granddaddy Partain kept saying "He doesn't like me"...which I didn't understand at all because Matthew was sitting up on his lap like he was right a home. They even looked at each other and smiled at one point (see below). I was so happy we got to visit with him because I do not get to see him that often and I was very proud to have him meet Matthew.

After we stopped by to see him we dropped by to visit my grandmother "Granny" who is not doing very well lately. She has been having problems making blood platelets and some of the medication they have her on has made her sugar go extremely high. To make matters worse the doctors do not seem to know how to help her. Right now she is at home (where the temp is supposed to drop to 9 degrees tonight) and has a very confusing medication schedule. This is the short version of what has been going on since Thanksgiving week so please keep her in your prayers. Below is a picture of her, Matthew and me while we visited right after Christmas.

Please do not forget to pray that she will feel better soon. I think and hope she will be going to another doctor soon that can hopefully help figure out what all is going on.

Tomorrow night I will finish up telling about our Alabama trip.

Have a great night!!!

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