Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A sick little boy

Whoa!!! That is what I said this afternoon when my seemingly happy-go-lucky...laughing at a lady he only sees once a week....never happy going to ANYONE if I am around (but was today)...crawling all over the house (of my piano student's)..........comes over to my knee and proceeds to puke his 2:30 snack and what seemed to be some of his 11:00 lunch all over me...their cow rug and freshly new hard wood flooring!!!!!! After he was done...he went back to laughing, jumping, playing and otherwise being his happy-go-lucky self. We thought that maybe he had just eaten too much at lunch or who know just got too excited so I tried to feed him some green beans because he was 'acting' hungry. So he ate a full 4 ounces in like 2 minutes...then about 2 minutes later...he puked the 4 ounces of green beans right up. I knew at that point that we had a sick little boy on our hands. I got some pedialyte and tonight he is doing much better. He has taken about 10 ounces of the pedialyte and about 3 ounces of formula. He still seemed to want something else so I tried a couple of crackers and some Gerber puffs. All of that has stayed far. Maybe we are over the worst.

Sadly, I wasn't able to go to my first choir practice tonight. Also, I have to stay home from work with Matthew tomorrow and I don't really have very many sick days left.

On a happier note...tomorrow night is the National Championship Game between Texas and Alabama...There is only one thing to say to that!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

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