Friday, January 29, 2010

All Stripes AREN'T created equal!!! (thanks for the spelling correction mom)

So today was my not so little boy's 13 month birthday. Although I resisted the urge to run to Dr. Goosby's office and get him weighed as I usually do on his month birthday, I do wonder what his weight might be. I feel that he is getting heavier and I know he looks A LOT bigger but I have been surprised at times when I got him weighed. I might have to take him after all because he seems to have a cough starting up.

Although Matthew is still eating baby food, he is beginning to eat more and more table food. He loves French fries, but I won't let him have some until he has had at least 1 veggie jar of baby food. He also loves crackers and the little puffs.

He has taken a few stumble steps and is getting more comfortable standing all by himself. I feel that he will be walking independently within the next month. Of course, I have thought that before and it didn't happen. He will do it in his own time and I have to have patience.

This morning Seth got Matthew dressed. Which btw...I am thankful for...however, this is how Matthew was dressed for the day.

Thank goodness he doesn't seem to notice about style and seems to be happy in his various stripes. I thought he looked so precious!!! Thank you daddy...for a wonderful laugh!!! and the lime green and white striped baby's first Easter socks from...yes, almost a year ago.

In the mean time...enjoy my 13 month old's photo shoot this afternoon.

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  1. . . . they matched better when I was half-asleep getting him ready . . .