Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Night

Tomorrow we have to start back to school...I can't believe that our Christmas vacay has already past by like a flash of lightning. First off...right now I feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. The last few nights I have had trouble sleeping because I have some sort of congestion in my chest that makes it very hard to breathe. I am actually OK throughout the day but around 8:30 or 9:00 in the evening I start feeling achey. I hope this doesn't mean I am coming down with some bad cold. I mean...maybe it would be OK to have a few more days off but I don't really want to be sick to get a day off. Oh well...lets get back to our Christmas trip to Alabama.

As I left off last night at getting up early, opening presents, and driving 13 hours to Alabama on Christmas day. We drove and made pretty good time to see my family for the holidays and have Matthew's 1st birthday party in Alabama. More on the birthday party tomorrow night though.

Matthew and sock sock who knows where!!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! (keep in mind that these pictures were taken after being on the road for 13 hours...I love my little man...what a trooper)

No Matthew Nana's camera is not your Christmas present.

Only a Florida boy could actually get a mosquito bite on his forehead on Christmas morning inside the house.

Nana, Pop and Matthew playing with presents!!!

Listening to Pop sing a beautiful song!!

Matthew and mom...whew I'm tired!!!

Look what I got!!!

The wheel goes round and round...he was amazed and mesmerized by the wheel on his train.

Mom, "Can we have Christmas every day???"

I wish!!!

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