Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Ear Infection

So I knew Matthew wasn't feeling well this past weekend...he had a runny nose and was coughing pretty bad. I wasn't that concerned since we had his 15 month appointment today so I decided to wait. Well, today we learned that he had ANOTHER EAR INFECTION!!!! He hasn't been pulling at his ear so I thought that maybe he had what I have and have been battling for the past month or so with this stupid cough.

In any event, he did grow in length but he lost about an ounce. I suspect that is because he hasn't been eating very well the last couple of days. Dr. Goosby gave him the antibiotic shot for 3 days in a row to help him feel better faster since we visit Ohio on Thursday to see Matthew's grandma, great-grandma, and great uncle.

Matthew at 15 months

Matthew at 3 months (1 year ago)

Have a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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