Saturday, March 27, 2010

A devestation and travisty in public education

I have been on a hiatus the last week or so because of a very busy schedule. The state of Florida is raising an attack on teachers across the state. Our legislatures are trying to pass into law an education reform unlike any state has ever seen.

If passed into law (as the bill most likely will) teachers in the state of Florida will no longer be paid extra if they have a Masters, Specialists, or Doctorate in education.

Teachers will also not longer have the protection of the Professional Service Contract. If the students do not make learning gains that teacher can be fired without warning.

Teachers will also be paid based on the learning gains their students make. These learning gains will be based ONLY on the FCAT (the Florida Standardized Test)

I am honestly SOOOOO stressed out about this crazy bill. As part of my job as UTD (United Teachers of Dade) steward I have to keep everyone informed on this issue and it has been hard to sleep because this is going to affect not only Seth and me but all of my friends at school.

If I could ask all of my readers to do 2 things!!!

1. Pray, pray, pray that this injustice on teachers will not pass.

2. Call these numbers and people below and tell them that you Oppose House Bill 7189

Estaban Bovo--850-487-2197
Anitere Flores--850-488-2831
Erik Fresen--850-488-4092
Marcelo Llorente--850-488-5047
Carlos Lopez-Cantera--850-488-4208
J.C. Planas--850-488-3616
Juan Zapata--850-488-9550

You can also call the speaker of the house and say you oppose the bill. He is taking a list of those who oppose the bill and those who are for the bill.

Larry Cretul--850-488-1450 (Speaker of the house)

Thanks in advance if you call these numbers. It is really important that you urge the representatives to VOTE NO on House Bill 7189!!!!

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