Sunday, March 14, 2010

Matthew's new piano

I know...2 posts in 2 days...ya'll are gonna think I have way to much time on my hands. Not really, tomorrow night I start a new college class...Wednesday is choir, Thursday night is our UTD meeting...and Tuesday through Thursday is the run-off election for the UTD executive board of which Seth is running for one of the 6 positions for vice president of elementary schools. Not to mention that Tuesday and Wednesday is the continuation of FCAT for 5th grade and SATs for 1st and 2nd. We have 2 more weeks til spring break!!! Only two...I think we can make it.

Now on to the topic of the post. On Friday evening, we received a piano. My FIL and step-MIL have had a piano that they never really use that often and they decided to let us "store" it. It is actually my step-MIL's piano and will eventually be her daughter Hayden's. All we had to do is pay for the moving expenses to have it shipped from Naples to Homestead. I am so excited because I hope to start teaching piano lessons again and now I can teach out of my own house instead of going to peoples homes or having a music store take a percentage to use a room in their store.

Here are a couple of pictures of the piano. We need to get it tuned but other than that it is perfect!!!

I couldn't get my camera out without taking some pictures of this little man!!! Here he is becoming an expert at a sippy cup!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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