Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy's Birthday take 2

So tonight Matthew was feeling a tad bit better. Since we had such a hectic evening yesterday I decided to go to Publix and pick Seth up a birthday cake...although it was a day late.

Here is Seth trying not to drop...and almost dropping the birthday cake. The middle picture is hilarious because that is when the cake actually slid a little and almost landed in the floor.

Matthew is still acting sick but he has the same amount of energy as always so I am almost positive that it is not the flu. I called Dr. Goosby's office today and they indicated that the test had come back negative but sometimes those tests come back negative if the test is done too early in the infection. They are still treating his infection as if he has the flu so I am continuing to give the Tamiflu. He had a flu shot back at the end of Sept. and then the 2nd dose at the end of Oct. so by now he should be fully immune to the regular flu. I am still debating if he should get the swine flu vaccine or not. Dr. Goosby recommends it but I am a little scared of it myself. I mean he already gets a shot every time he goes to the doctor it seems like. Plus, what tests have been run on this shot and how it will affect an infant?? Truthfully, what proof do we have that it is safe for adults much less babies??? I am not sure that I want me or my child to be the guinea pig? (no pun intended...lol)

Anyway, I am going to head to bed early tonight. I actually feel a sore throat coming on so I better go and get some rest.

Have a wonderful Wendnesday!!!

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