Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me and my Shadow

So no picture tonight but Matthew hit yet another milestone tonight!!! The past few weeks he has be crawling around the living room from his toy basket to the couch and back again. He even pulls himself up and walks along the edge of the couch for a change of scenery. Tonight he decided to take a little trip into the kitchen when daddy went for a drink of water. It is so cute because we here his little hands going smack smack smack and then huffing and puffing then smack smack smack again.

Later he decided to chase Roxie (our cat) down the hallway...but then got scared and started to cry because he ended up all alone because the cat (being very smart) ran and hid.

I go into the other room for something and what do I hear???

Smack huff huff smack smack smack huff huff huff...then a sweet little head emerges from around the corner!!!

Now I guess I will have a shadow for life!!!

How can I be upset about that???

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