Saturday, December 4, 2010

I feel like a beached whale

The above picture is me at about full term with Matthew!!!

Here I am at 35 weeks with Jackson!!!

So...I am a 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and I feel like my body has been taken over by an alien!!! At any moment he will decide to literally pound into my bladder and I have problems holding 'it' in!!! Also, last night when I tried to turn over in bed, I pulled a muscle in my side and Seth thought I was falling out of bed with my gasp. I am so tired of feeling like he is constantly going to fall out. With all of these complaints, I do realize that I am extremely lucky to not have any problems with Gestational Diabetes or Pre-Eclampsia. Also, I have mixed emotions about having him here....after having Matthew I know how much work it is to take care of a I guess I will try to enjoy my last few days of peacefulness :) before the craziness begins.

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  1. Katie, oh my gosh, you are getting so close! That's crazy! I already feel way huger with the scone one-what is that about? Can't wait to hear more!!!